Selling Chia plot full 8tb seagate barracuda drives x5 = 40tb

I am selling them at a original 8tb ($150 each) with 8tb plots (72 k32 plots per drive, $0.3 per plot = $20). for a total of 8tb x 5 = 40tb

So $170 per drive. And bundling for $850 USD. You can pay by USDT or paypal (If you know how to use paypal to pay this, I am not familiar). If you reply within a week, I will give a discount to 800 USD

I am from Hong Kong so you will need to pay for your own shipment. I will get a quote of how much is the shipping fee.

My rig now

If you are worried about scamming, we can have a video call and I will show you my Hong Kong I.D. card. I only ship after I receive the payment as I am also worried of scamming.

More likely people will buy if you sell drives empty (they will format and refill them anyway).

Why? You can just mine with my key directly why waste ssd

Because plots on someone else’s key are essentially worthless - a decent MadMax setup on a gaming PC can make 8tb of plots in a few days, with minimal wear on SSDs, many of us here have rigs that could do 8tb in less than a day.

There is a slight risk of you double-selling plots, and although it’s a tiny risk it’s better (and cheap and easy) to have zero risk.

Thats why i am also including the key, I don’t get whats your point of worthless.

If you do not want to buy the plots I can delete it, then you can buy the hdd without the plots.

Because you could be selling the same plots on different disks and giving the same key to multiple people - there’s no way for you to prove otherwise, and the only way to know would be when both farmers win the same block and fight for the reward.

It’s a small risk, I agree, but since making plots is so easy at the scale you’re talking about, it’s really not worth paying for plots that might have been sold twice.

I’m probably outside of an area where shipping would be reasonable, am just explaining why people are going to consider existing plots on disks to be worthless.

Thanks for assuming the worst in people. I said you can just buy the disks and I will just delete all the plots if you want for the discount. Who cares.

Yeah, it’s wise to assume worst case scenarios when buying things from strangers online.

Glad you agree the plots are worthless, and hopefully you get a sale - 150USD for an 8TB disk is an OK price.