Selling Chia plots for $1

We have equipment:
15 servers: 16 cores, 128 GB of RAM, 2x interprise NVMe SSD 4TB.
20 Gbps channel.
You can download your plots at maximum speed via HTTP or FTP.

Payment by paypal. Payment is possible as soon as the plots are received.
Communication via Telegram: Contact @mike_bin

Hi!, those server specs sounds very like hetzner AX101 servers, please be aware that they are banning users that perform plotting on their ssd/nvme servers, and you risk being banned or charged for damaged disks , if it’s not the case no problem :slight_smile: I just wanted to warn you to avoid possible problems

The servers are owned, don’t worry.

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I am interested in 1000 plots.

How are you handling keys and will you produce K33s?

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Write to me Telegram: Contact @mike_bin

K-33 — yes. Even the K-35 has already been created for the customer.
I will answer all your questions in Telegram.

I wont waste your time. I’ll have my 128TB filled in three or four months and will probably not be buying more storage.

I was more interested in a little open discussion of how you are handling key security, file integrity and payment.