Selling Many 16tb Sata Drives (USA)

Spent too much trying to jump into chia, too late in the game. Getting out while I can. Going to keep my plotters, but I’m looking to sell all my new, still packaged drives. Also have ~1200 plots on exos x16 drives that I may be looking to sell with the private key for the right price.

31x Seagate Skyhawk AI 16TB - ST16000VE002 - $550/unit
18x WD 16TB - WD160EMFZ - $550/unit
15x WD 16TB - WD160EDFZ - $550/unit
5x Seagate Exos X16 16TB - ST16000NM003G - $550/unit

Those are very good drives you have. The price point for brand new Seagage/WD external drives these days is about $17-$18 per terabyte. Your appears to be between $34 and $40 per terabyte. If you could get the prices at least below $17 per terabyte, you’d get much more interest I’m sure.

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Brand new drives are hard to come buy right now. $18/tb would be ~$300 each, which is nowhere close to “brand new” price. Even if you could get distributor prices, you would be making very low profit margins(if any profit) by selling new drives for $300/each

Put them on Ebay, your prices are too high… the hype is fading… still you may get lucky


Must be some setup u have already or were planning. Sorry u are leaving (mostly), but that was some crazy initial buildout spend, is all I can say.

yepp, ~70k with plotters, nvme’s and all. Plotters were always ment to be gaming builds after plotting, so no loss there.

Seriously, where is that?

I could buy a plane ticket there, buy them and then still make profit here :rofl:

Prices for 18TB drives were 25-30 Euro/TB just before Chia exchange went online. Right now they are more like 40-50 Euro/TB


Indeed, 25€ - 30€ is what I observed here as well before the Chia craze.

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Selling those plots is a security risk for the person buying them. The wallet is at risk of being monitored and or hacked. No offense but not that you would, but you could steal XCH if any was won. No sane person would buy those plots.

For people looking to buy plots, its safest to use a plotting service that takes the public key and adds it to their Chia program then plots with that.

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Charging more than Amazon that have plenty of 16tb/14tb in stock. :joy:

The Seagates external on Amazon have exos inside them.


Hello, I just got an 18TB from Amazon for $389.00

The thing is, the externals are drives that don’t meet the standards of their regular drives. Sub-par is another way to phrase it. I find selling drives on a Chia forum sort of like selling AA books that you no longer want, to AA members as they leave an AA meeting. Strikes me as odd. So the buy and sell section, it’s for those who has lost hope in the dream and giving up. Thing is, if you’re giving up then I would suspect it’s going to be a hard sell around here. You need to find those less informed.

I’m curious if there’s any actual pictures of all that’s included along with the disk health reports, Thanks!

USA. Sm s buyer at 10tb. Let me know. Bye

They were for sale in June lol, I’d expect them long sold by now.

Some buyers Re very well informed, believers in the proje t and on a 5 to 10 year project…