Selling my 375 TB Chia farm

Hello everyone,

I sell 21 HDDs, 20x18 TB Toshiba MG09 Enterprise + 1x16 TB Toshiba MG08 Enterprise, total of ~375 TB, full with K32 Chia NFT plots. All HDDs have a 4-year warranty left.

Location: Switzerland
Price: CHF 17 / TB

Price is not negotiable. All HDDs sold together, no partial sales.

Amazing price here

Somehow your price is higher (significantly) than brand new retail.

1 Swiss Franc equals 1.08 United States Dollar
17 CHF = $18.29

Brand new in box no volume discount no credit card rewards

I wish you luck in … somehow selling higher than brand new retail.

Oh look, your drive right here same model and size…


Unfortunately, I have to recoup my plotting costs, which apparently you do not include in your calculations. There is always the option of buying the HDDs and plotting yourself. However, I offer the convenience of starting earning XCH right away (plotting will take weeks or months and consume electricity). I wish you the best in your endeavors.

Furthermore, there is zero incentive for me to sell my farm at a loss since it’s currently quite profitable and ROI is in the order of 3-4 years. In my opinion, it will only get better in the next bull run and/or XCH halving.

So why are you trying to sell it?

Plotting doesn’t take long these days, if I was in the market for more drives, I would buy new with a warranty and GPU plot as I have the hardware.

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I just wanna take a break due to moving soon and I will come back probably with 20 or 22 TB drives. I already have a rig with a good NVidia GPU for future-proofing.

Ok, so there were some words thrown around that the plots increase the value of hdds over BRAND NEW IN BOX RETAIL. This is not true.

If someone could sell you hardware with plots on it more than the hardware costs new they could just buy new hardware and copy the same plots to different buyers over and over. Whose to say OP has not sold these plots to 30 people already. Whose to say the plots are even valid.

Lets assume the plots are valid, which is a big if. OP can change the pool nft to his own pool w/ 100% pool fee. Every. Single. Block. Doesnt matter if you farm to a cold wallet as OP will change the pool each time you try to change it. They only need 1 mojo to interact with the blockchain, so changing this is a trivial matter. You know how much it costs to run a pool? A pi could do it on a residential ISP if they can open port 80 and 443. A $3 ovh vps could do it. A vultr account could do it on free credit. This is a zero to minimal cost to have others farm for them. Since plotting is so easy OP could buy drives from amazon, plot them up, and have your electricity farm them while making a heafty 15% profit off you. If you realize you are being scammed and replot he already made 15% ROI on his money. If you dont notice thats gravy.

Finally, even a garbage gpu that no one would use due to being over a decade old (k2200, etc) you can usually find in workstations FOR FREE (because its a vga adapter at this point really) can do 5 min plots. I have a 980 ti I got 8 years ago and it can do 4.2 minute plots, and my rtx 4080 can do 2 minute plots. Plotting 20TB a day can be done on a ddr3 system from a decade ago now. These plots do not have value when you can usually make them faster than you can send them to a storage device. Fx my system could plot 50TB a day, but I need at least 20 hdds otherwise I cannot push them to magnetic storage fast enough. My build is a 4core pc from 2015.

In conclusion if you buy this from OP, fully expect the plots to be invalid (at best, because he can just buy hdds and put garbage data for plots and make a profit doing so), sold to 100 people, or malicious (he will redirect the farm to his pool w/ a 100% pool fee) at worst.

OP has already tried to scam people by selling plots they control.
Are there any mods in chiaforum?

Your price is higher than brand new in Europe


Is this true? The github says maxwell 2 and k2200 is only maxwell. I have one arriving soon to test

Dear rallbright,

I will kindly ask you to lower your tone and stop throwing baseless insults and accusations. This behavior belittles you and clearly shows your upset psychological state or it’s just a way for you to bargain down the price. In any case, this is not going to work with me.

As far as your accusation about scamming people, there are at least 2 members in this forum who were satisfied with my plotting services. I can give you their usernames in PM if you want.

It might sound unfamiliar to you, but the society in Switzerland is build on trust and people are always honest with each other. Any transaction that I might conduct will happen in person and I will provide my personal data for maximum reassurance. I work in a university in Zürich and the last thing that would cross my mind would be to take advantage of people. Maybe you have had bad experiences in the past, which I am sorry for if that’s the case.

In terms of the price, it is not gonna change due to the effort I put into plotting (before GPU plotting was a thing). As for GPU plotting, feel free to plot as much as you want but I don’t see why you came here to put all this effort into bombing my post. There are some people that prefer convenience and turn-key solutions over setting up workstations, buying GPUs, etc. Also, people who do not have any kind of technical background. Maybe someone will want to pay a little premium for that convenience. It’s a free market and anybody can DYOR about HDD prices or competive offers.

Finally, I wish you peace and a good day. All the best.

By the way, what he/she mentioned about GPUs and VGA adapters is complete nonsense and shows his upset state. For example, only GTX 1000 or better GPUs are supported by Gigahorse and MaxMax suggests a 3060Ti or better. Do not expect to have good results with anything less powerful. At least 8GB of VRAM are suggested for good performance. In the end, as I mentioned, it’s a free market and everybody can make their own choices. Not everybody wants to invested 100s of Francs/Euros/Dollars in a workstation which will be extremely noisy and requires a technical background. On the other hand, I am also not willing to give away my HDDs for a very low price as I can just keep farming with my single Raspberry Pi 4.