Selling my 600TB Farm - US, Utah - 16K

Hello, I’m selling my entire farm. Right now I’m farming Chives but unfortunately, I can’t afford to have this “money” with almost no movement in the short time.
I got 30 XCH and about 200K of XCC and I’ve never used a pool. I’m interested to sell all together so it’d be great for somebody who wants to start plotting/farming as soon as possible.

I’ve created a blog post about it, about one year ago, so you can get more of the details here. Also, all the hardware is 100% functional and I started to plotting with RAM very fast so the Nvme disks are in a great condition.

If you are interested, I can give you more details.

Hardware (from the post):

  • 5 plotters machines: 4 of them are very similar with 8 core CPU and 32 RAM and the one on the left is a 500 USD experiment which is giving me about 12 plots daily (ChiaNet: Build & Install Guide: Budget Plotting Build - $500 - 1.3 TB/day). The three of the right I got them from an ETH miner who bought them to take off the credit card. So I was very lucky to find this guy with a complimentary hobby. I got them for about 700 USD each and I needed to buy the NVME disks, 16GB more RAM, and very cheap graphics cards just to start the machines, because I manage them using SSH. (I’ve added more RAM to the plotters)
  • 70x 8TB Seagate from Costco. I got them for 120 USD each and I was lurking several Costco places and doing experiments to buy them fast. There was an online limit of 3 units so I bought them all from the stores. Fortunately in Utah, I didn’t have a lot of competition and there were plenty of disks in any Costco place I visited. The Costco URL is not working anymore but as a reference, this is the disk.
  • SATA Disks: I got 1x18TB, 1x16TB, 4x14TB Seagate Exos disks. I got them previously the prices went up. For example I bought the 18TB one at 399 USD. 18 TB Link. is a good place to check HDD prices. As a reference, my 8TB disks were 15 USD/TB.
  • NVME disks: 1x 4GB, 2x 2GB, 2x 1GB and 2x512GB. I did some experiments trying to figure out what is the best combination. Until now the best result I got it from the 1 TB disks using RAID 0.
  • Some NVME PCI adapters. Some motherboards I have only have one of these ports. These double ones work pretty good Amazon Link.
  • Two Mr ironstone bar table 47’’ tables and 4 Long heavy-duty power strip 16 from Amazon. I put them together because I was extremely lucky that the size of them is almost the same, so it was very easy to put the strip under the tables. Table link and Strip link.
  • Two UPS Cyberpower 1500 VA from BestBuy. The UPS I had collapsed when I connected the 3er outlet and I needed to buy these very fast, so I got them from a near Best Buy store as the extension wires. Best Buy link.
  • 8x USB 3.0 extension cables: The second row of 32 disks which is at the floor can’t reach the computer at the top so I needed these extension cables. Link. You can get cheapest ones in Amazon. I needed to buy them because I need them now because my trip.
  • TP-Link Gigabit Switch with CAT7 wires: Nothing to add here. Just plug & play. It’s very cheap. Amazon Link Switch and Amazon Link wires.
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Do you split up or only sell all at once?

I prefer to sell it all at once but maybe I’m open to splitting it by two, no more than that.

Any interest in accepting Bitcoin for half or all of the farm? We can transact in person in Utah.

I can accept BTC for all the farm. Send me a MP to get my contact details.

PM’d to discuss. :+1:

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Some screenshots with more details:

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 11.03.58 AM
Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 11.04.21 AM