Selling my Compellent SC200 (48TB Array SAN)

Listed on eBay right now, adding more pictures later.


That’s well over priced, you can pick up an SC200 for around $300/£240, that means you want $33 per TB, no chance.

Can you show me where to find one for $300?

Just the chassis, or box plus drives?

The chassis + 48TB drives

here’s the chassis Dell Compellent SC200 12-Bay 3.5" Storage Expansion Bay w 2x 0TW47 Controllers | eBay just need the drives

Dell Compellent SC200 Expansion Enclosure 12 x 3.5" HDD Bays 2x EMM 2x 700W PSU | eBay £240
Dell Compellent SC200 12x 3.5" SAS Bays Dual EMM 2 x PSU Expansion Enclosure | eBay £240
Dell Compellent SC200 12-Bay 3.5" Storage Array w/ 2x TW47 SAS Controller No HDD | eBay $166 - all sold

The item is at $1,500 now. Have you used 18TB drives in an SC200? I thought the limit was a 4TB drive.

I took everyone’s advice, listed as an auction on eBay with $699 Buy it Now and start auction price at $339

Thanks for the price advice, relisted it (toward bottom of post)

You’d probably maximise your price if you sold the drives and SC200 separately, and make it so people can purchase just one drive if that’s all they want, offer a small discount if they want more than one. I haven’t looked too closely, but there seems to be plenty of single 4TB SAS drives selling around the $50 mark. Keep the caddies back and sell them with the SC200.

18TB SATA drives work find in SC200’s (e.g with an IT flashed Dell H200e).