Selling my farm 1 346TB Sweden Stockholm

Selling my farm (as I do not have the time to replot). Will sell all disks for $13/TB, individual buys will be diffrent depending on size.

95 external disks and 3 internal

Internal Disks
3 x 18TB Toshiba Enterprise Capacity MG

External disks (all can be made internal)
3 x My book duo 20TB
6 x Segate expansion 16 TB
44 x 16TB WD Elements (43 left)
11 x 14TB WD Elements (10 left)
10 x 12TB WD Elements (9 left)
2 x 18TB WD My Book (1 left)
13 x 6TB WD My Book and Seagate Expansion mix (11 left)
5 x 8TB WD My Book and Seagate Expansion mix (4 left)
1 x 4TB Maxwell

Also have
3 x Pie4 4GB
a bunch of USB hubs 4, 7 and 16
a bunch of branch outlet 4, 6 and 10.

I can ship anywhere, but buyer pays shipping cost and it will have to be prepaid

Open to offers for all or parts

Accepted payment is bank transfer or USDC/USDT L1 and L2

Edit: Will start updating numbers above as I sell disks on other marketplaces.

What’s the price range per TB you are looking for, for the 12TB+ drives if I purchase all ?

For $13 usd/tb I can let them go now. If you offer lower than I will wait as I’m already selling some through and other swedish marketplaces for above 14.