Selling my whole chia farm: 1,500 plots in 16 external hard drives


I am looking to sell all the plots I have. They are about 1,500, and I am still plotting so it might increase a bit more to 1,600 or so! I am based in London, so would prefer to sell to someone locally that can come and pick everything up. If you are in London/UK and interested, I am sure we can figure something out.


What sized drives, and how many? Internal SATA or external USB?

given that it is written in the title, external hard drives, i would take a wild guess they are external…

1500 plots on 16 drives would point to them being 10tb drives.

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Here’s a screenshot of the hard drives. They are all external USB drives (WD elements brand). I have removed the 3 plotters and my main hard drive from the screenshot (if you are interested in the plotters we can discuss TBH, I would be selling those as well. They are 3 x Samsung 980 PRO with 95% capacity left)

So there’s a mix of 14TB, 12 TB and 6TB drives

May i know why are you selling ?

I’ve not won in about a month, so I think that by selling the hardware + selling the chia that I won in April (10), I will be making a profit that I am fairly happy with.

So whats ur price?

I’d probably buy disks at the right price (am in the UK and can get to London easily), but I’m not interested in plots that have been done with any key other than mine, also not really interested in disks under 8TB. How much for the 14 and 12TBs (bearing in mind I consider the plots on them worthless)?

Worth noting, I’ve won in the last week with a similarly sized farm, obviously can’t predict when that will happen again, but if^ the netspace trend continues, if the price doesn’t plummet, and if I can trickle in disks to match my current % of the netspace (around 0.0009%), I’m comfortable with the win rate for an eventual ROI in 6 months (mostly farming on used SAS disks bought in bulk, so hasn’t cost nearly as much as if I’d bought new external disks).

^ those are big ‘ifs’, of course

1.2 pounds per plot and 22 pounds per TB of hard drive space

That is a lot over what I can (still) get disks for, (albeit 8TBs), and I wouldn’t pay for the plots - so I’m out.

At one point I considered USB worth a premium since on paper it’s cheaper to connect them, now not so much given more than a few USBs and not enough physical buses = a bad time.

Thank you for your thoughts. For anyone else reading this, I am happy to take offers below that price. Please PM me.

Update: Selling the hard drives for 19 pounds per TB and the plots for 0.8 pounds per plot

Considering you can get cheaper brand new drives off, I think you’re going to struggle to get anywhere near £19 per TB.

Hey there! I am not here to scam anyone. If the price of hard drives has fallen and you can share a link of that on Amazon, I am happy to decrease my price to be competitive! :slight_smile:

Whith 1500 plots you could go to earn money on chia pool. Search or wait for official anoounce.

Thanks, but I am a bit fed up with managing the farm. I don’t have a lot of room space so it’s getting pretty tight with all these hard drives and cables everywhere.

Updated price:

18.5 pounds per TB, and 0.6 pounds per plot


Can you show us a picture of the setup to gauge how big it is? So it’s 1500 plots at 60p a plot? So thats £2500 total? There is also the private key trust issue that we all have with hpool etc. For this to work a buyer would need to trust you entirely that you have no copy of the private key and that you wouldn’t be able to use it in the future. That might require some contract to be signed.

Isn’t it enough to be sure there is no copy of the plots, so one can just farm to another wallet with the bought plots?

Apologies for all the dust! It’s pretty messy - hence why I am selling it.
FYI there’s a large fan right above the setup (the white cable that can be seen in the pic) keeping everything pretty cool.

And indeed, I think that all you need to do is farm in another wallet (I think that’s possible but not done it myself).

As for duplication of plots, I am more than happy for you to come around and inspect my place in London. I don’t have any space for duplicates of 150TB or intention to do so. I am out. Happy to discuss any suggestions that you may have to make you feel more at ease with your purchase.