Selling my whole chia farm: 1,500 plots in 16 external hard drives

Thanks, but I am a bit fed up with managing the farm. I don’t have a lot of room space so it’s getting pretty tight with all these hard drives and cables everywhere.

Updated price:

18.5 pounds per TB, and 0.6 pounds per plot


Can you show us a picture of the setup to gauge how big it is? So it’s 1500 plots at 60p a plot? So thats £2500 total? There is also the private key trust issue that we all have with hpool etc. For this to work a buyer would need to trust you entirely that you have no copy of the private key and that you wouldn’t be able to use it in the future. That might require some contract to be signed.

Isn’t it enough to be sure there is no copy of the plots, so one can just farm to another wallet with the bought plots?

Apologies for all the dust! It’s pretty messy - hence why I am selling it.
FYI there’s a large fan right above the setup (the white cable that can be seen in the pic) keeping everything pretty cool.

And indeed, I think that all you need to do is farm in another wallet (I think that’s possible but not done it myself).

As for duplication of plots, I am more than happy for you to come around and inspect my place in London. I don’t have any space for duplicates of 150TB or intention to do so. I am out. Happy to discuss any suggestions that you may have to make you feel more at ease with your purchase.


I agree with what was stated there. You can make plots for others by including their public farmer key and pool key into the plot as you plot it. Which is how plotting services work. Their farmer/harvester will accept these plots to farm because the farmer public key can be matched to the private key.

You cannot just assign some existing plots to your private key which have been plotted using someone else’s farmer and pool public keys. This is why you cannot sell plots that exist already without selling the entire lot in one go, and giving up your private key and securing the trust of the buyer that you won’t use a copy of the private key to empty their wallet at a later date.

The buyer can check and transfer any rewards they receive but only if the seller doesn’t notice them first.

Since the private key and farmer public key are linked and cannot be unlinked I cannot see any way unless you secure a legally binding contract which would have to work for the duration those plots, and therefore the private key attached to them, exists.

This will change with poolable plots which presumably could have their ownership transferred to someone else.

Not an expert just this is my understanding of how it works, can any experts wade in?

Apologies, as I said I am not familiar with these technicalities. If that is the case then it would indeed mean that someone would need to buy the whole thing, and essentially take some risk by doing so.

If this is the only solution, I am willing to provide an even better price to make this attractive to someone buying. If not, I’ll just sell the hard drives here/ on eBay and delete all the plots.

17.5 pounds per TB for the hard drives + 0.3 pounds per plot.

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FYI I started deleting some of these plots unfortunately and selling the drives on eBay. What an irony, after having the computer plot those day and night :smiley:

Given that I am deleting them I am happy to sell lower, at 0.2 pounds per plot.
Also 17 pounds per TB for the hard drives.

Last offer!


A bit offtopic but maybe worth mentioning:

This will change with poolable plots which presumably could have their ownership transferred to someone else.

AFAIK this does not change with poolable plots. They reference your singleton that cant be changed. You may point the singleton to a new pool adress buts thats all. Correct me if I’m wrong.

So I believe that you are correct. You will not be able to use a chia pool using the official pooling implementation provided by Chia with the plots I am selling. You would only be able to use these plots with unofficial pools that require you to give up your keys, or without a pool.

Thanks for pointing this out that makes sense. So you could allocate your pool able plots to a different pool but not sell them, unless you can overcome the trust/keys issue directly with the buyer.

Unfortunately, no one seemed interested in the plots. I am gradually deleting them and selling the hard drives on eBay for about 17.5 pounds per TB.

Thank you everyone for your time.

I hope they sell well and I am sorry if I put a downer on it but existing plots just aren’t saleable, unless by someone you trust greatly.

No worries at all, your insights were greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

So how much storage do you actually have? Thanks.

Currently 145TB, but some hard drives are about to be sold on Ebay so this will drop to about 120TB (and the plots will be deleted). And I think that it will continue dropping by about 25TB per week until it reaches zero.

What’s your number mate?

Hi did you say you won (10) Chia whole coins/

Hi, yes, that’s correct.

Would you consider selling one or two?