Selling plot partnership - 0.20€ per plot

Hello guys, I’m quite new to chia farming, but it got me curious. Turns out I already have the hardware needed to perform plots on a reasonable scale (maybe 4-5 per day? I can use one SSD and one HDD fully commited to it. probably even more), but I don’t want to keep them farming, as I don’t have enough space for it to be profitable - I would prefer to sell the plots.

Would anyone be interested in buying the plots for 0.20€ each, for example? I could provide access via FTP, for example.

In order to avoid risk in either way, I would prefer for the payments to be made as frequently as possible (once per day, for example) and then we can space them out (once per week, once per month), when we start trusting each other. I can accept either paypal or crypto on any coin available on coinbase (or coinbase pro).

Since my hardware to produce plots is somewhat limited, I would prefer to only deal with one person. If interested, please post here :slight_smile: If we get a partnership for the long run, I might get a second SSD, as the CPU/memory can handle it :slight_smile:


You would only be about the 200th person to offer plotting as a service. Good luck.

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Based on what I searched, it seems to be a good price. So it would be a win/win, I guess.

you are right about that, the price is good.
I have not been interested in buying plots, for the simple reason my internet connection sucks :sweat_smile: