Selling Plots 0.15/plot Take a free trial

I have own chia ploting system
selling 0.15 per plot,
its on microsoft azure, so the speed of upload and download is pretty good.
Daily capicity is currently 1000 k32 plots.
get a free test … dm me +46793316344

plot is k30 not k32? mainnet can’t use

you are right k32, sorry my mistake. will fix it

Im not personally interested, but maybe you will get more interest if you supply more info.

Like download costs per region which can be costly dependant on region, or does your plan cover that cost

is plot file download free?

the price is ok for me, if the download speed is good enough.

Yes, this price includes download fee so 0.15 per plot

how to test down file speed, give me a dlink

hi bro can i take 1 free trial… btw i live turkey so how can i message you ? telegram, whatsapp?

Turkey, Now your making me Hungry…

Phone no in the OP. ( 20 chrs )

Im hungary for a bit o this soon.

yeah we have delicious foods hahaahah

what’s the op bro ? (20 )

Original Post, ( first post in thread ).

i can not send official message bro. its too much expensive. can i write from social media or the other message app(from the internet)?

hey bro you are not plot seller, how can you know that details ?

I can read!
If its to expensive to message just wait for a response here.