Selling plots for €1.8 per plot from our small little Chia farm

Hi all,

Me and a friend of mine are running our own little Chia operation :). However since we’re reaching the end of our storage capacity we’re interesting in selling plots for others as well.

We have a capacity of creating about 30-40 plots per day I would say. So if someone is interested feel free to contact me so we can discuss further terms.

We are no big business making loads of money here, just another small plotter friend :slight_smile: who’d like to support the community and make some money in the process.

(Disclaimer: All the plots we create are watered daily and taken care of by our professional plotmeisters until downloaded, after downloading plot ownership and thus care will be transfered to buyer)

-Devedse & Friend

Thanks for the DM’s so far people :), feel free to name a price if 1.8 euro’s per plot is too much for you.

Hi all,

Since I created this post I followed the other prices for plots and it seems 1.5 euro’s per plot would be a fair price too. So we’ll sell them for this price!


Hello, how were you able to strip your private key so they could add their private key? Thanks, Ken