Selling Plots for 3.2€/plot , Management UI , fast network, automated |

this price 3.2€/plot is only for the users of this forum, use the discount code chiajune21 ( note this is an UNLIMITED orders discount usable multiple times )

Good morning to all chiafourm users!
After some large orders from private customers we are going public now,

we are offering a reliable and fast plotting system which is fully auomated through an easy to use control panel

  1. register for free ( to access management UI )
  2. buy plots and pay with paypal ( crypto payments are on the way… contact us if you want to use that right now )
  3. you have your plots ready to start, configure public keys ( remember, always use only public keys… anywhere! your private keys must remain private ) , and start
  4. once plots are ready from control panel you will have a list of url to download

retention 1 month+ , total network speed ~60Gbit/sec , if you made mistake you can download same file multiple times , no problem with that ,
contact us for any question

important : lasting partnerships will be rewarded.

egress servers are in us and europe, with some in sud-america ( right now all those are reserved ) , but parallel downloads ( ie : using a downlaod manager like uget. aria2) are permitted and downloading from our multiple locations (our software try to distribute the plots on multiple locations near you ) you should not have problems reaching your full network speed

We have saw interesting plots hosting alternatives ( automated uploads over various provider such as google/wasabi/mega/… ) for large order it’s not an issue to implement specific solutions…

we are a team of software developers with a sysadmin, and we are also incorporated in italy (contact us if you need details), all payments will receive regular invoice.

I forgot, API & automated download software ( dockerized command line application and 100% open source ) is under testing in some of our customers hands , with that you will be able to start docker image from terminal which will fill up your hard disk, and tell you once done (even by email) :smile: what to ask for more ?

FYI to the readers, before you buy anything, make sure to check the reputation of the plotting service and, as mentioned in the opening post, never ever give your 24 word mnemonic / private key to anyone if asked :+1:

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perfect advice, please write or using the form on the website here if you find something wrong with