Selling Plotter i9-9900"K" 32GB DDR4 1TB Evo+, price 549 euros

Hi all,
Having no more to plot, I’m selling my “main” plotter with these specs:
Processor: Intel Core i9-9900"K" clocked & very nicely cooled at 5 GHz (8c/16t)
Memory: 32GB DDR4
NVMe: 1TB Samsung Evo+
Plus motherboard, the CPU cooler (140mm), power supply

Final price: 549 euros
Locaton: France (Paris)

Oh, don’t hesitate to reach out if interested. Thanks.

What is the plot speed in madmax ?

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It was giving me about 26 plots per 24 hours, 56 minutes per plot.

If you run the i9-9900k with a RAM drive, it can crunch out less than 42 min plots. max RAM size supported is 128 Gb.

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Could you please specify which motherboard you have and the % of m2 SSD life left?

Sure, I attach the screen shots