Selling [US] Mega Farm (over 1600TB) + 7 2U 5950x Plotters

Greetings fellow Chia enthusiasts,

I come to you with the interest in selling my entire plotting and farming set up. Either to sell all together or separately. The plotters setup is 7 very powerful plotting computers each made exactly the same and built to all fit in a 2U chassis and be rack mounted. The main storage is a massive 90 bay Supermicro SuperStorage rack mounted system containing 90 enterprise drives of 18TB each totaling in 1620TB alone. These drives are fully plotted with very minimal to 0 wasted storage space. The reasons for the sale is combination of the crypto winter we are experiencing as well as the issue that I will be selling my home and cannot bring the gigantic 48U Dell server rack where I am relocating. I can provide pictures as well as purchase orders for all the equipment. While I am located in South Carolina, US I would be willing to figure out a way to ship or personally deliver the system to your door.

7 Plotters: (Each identical, fully operational, and original product packaging available)
iStarUSA D-200
2U 600W Gold Power Supply
ASUS TUF Gaming X570-PRO
Ryzen 5950x
G.Skill Trident Z NEO Series 64GB (2x32GB)
Radeon 5450 2GB GPU w/ PCIE Riser Cable
2x PNY CS3040 2TB (or Samsung 970 Evo Plus)

Again there are 7 of these setups.

Farm: Supermicro Reference Link
Supermicro SuperStorage 6048R-E1CR90L
90x Seagate Exos X18 18TB Enterprise HDD - 3.5 Inch SATA 6Gb/s, 7200 RPM
2x Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 E5-2620 v4 Octa-core (8 Core) 2.10 GHz Processor
4x 16GB (64GB total) DDR4 2400 (PC4 19200) Server Memory
2x 1000W Redundant Power Supplies Titanium Level (96%) Certified

Other Drives: 300+ TB (Fully plotted)
20x Seagate 5TB Backup Plus
7x Seagate 8TB Backup Plus
8x Seagate Barracuda 8TB
5x Exos 10TB

Other Equipment
Mikrotik CSS610-8G-2S+in Server Switch
2x Tripp Lite Metered PDU 20A, 12 sockets
ACASIS USB 3.0 16port Hub
Tripp Lite SRCOOL7KRM AC unit for server racks - 7,000 BTU, 120v

All in all the total cost of this was over $80,000 including all of the wires, cables, fans, server rack bolts, plates, trays, thermal paste, etc. I am not asking for anywhere near that as clearly prices have declined but do please keep in mind that this is a fully plotted mega farm ready to go. I am very interested in hearing your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on my listing and I encourage feedback and assistance in the sale.

Thank you

Below are some pictures:


Where approximately are you moving?

I am moving back to my home state of NY.

Can you share the pictures? Where in South Carolina and how much are you asking?


Okay I edited my post to include some pictures

Super clean looking builds you have there!

You say you can sell items separately…what price for multiples of the int.18tb drives? Post of PM.

I have to ask… why so many plotting PCs and so few tbs of drives plotted and left to plot?

Good luck w/your sale!


Thank you for your comments.

I am attempting to sell everything all at once but I would be possibly open to selling things separately if I cannot find a buyer for the right price. Also what does “Post of PM” mean?

I had so many plotters because I wanted to finish plotting the SuperStorage as quickly as possible with the idea of using those PC to continue plotting on more storage later or repurposing the PCs for other things.

Thanks again

You can post here or send me a PM (Personal Message) …of the “price for multiples of the int. 18tb drives” (if you are willing to sell separately…but guess not)

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Where are these located now, I’m in South FL

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The “of” was the misunderstanding.

Thank you

I am currently located in Myrtle Beach, SC

i have some bad news for you

your best option is to take your farm with you
if you are going to sell you are going to have to price it to move
and you will take quite a bit of a hit on the hardware

if you are going to advertise these to farmers it will only give you what it can generate for them in profit

1620TB will net you a revenue of around roughly 6K annually

now even in the best case scenario with a power cost of maybe $0,12 USD per kWh this means that overall profit will be maybe 1K to 1,5K in profit

if power rates are much higher (like here in europe where we have a rate of maybe $0,69USD) then it would be easier and cheaper for miners to just set their money on fire directly

this is consumer grade hardware
put these in a standard ATX case and throw in another better gpu and then sell them as gaming PCs on on either craigslist or facebook market

sell the cases for scrap

if these disks are still in their original USB enclosure you can sell them on either ebay, or facebook market individually
if they’re shucked they’re essentially e-waste

large piece of worthless scrap, you can find these for free by the side of the road so to speak

you may be able to find someone willing to buy it for maybe 50 bucks

sell it on ebay

if you cannot sell it alongside with the rack then this is trash, throw them out

best sold together with the rack

again if you are going to market this as a “farm” it will only be worth maybe 1000 USD

put that 80k put of your head and focus on the cost of moving it with you or storing it at its current location

if you don’t think that the benefits outweigh the cons you shouldn’t
hesitate to write it off

Thats some really strange logic you have there.
No need to explain.
I doubt id agree with you after you had.


revenue isn’t the same as profit

you get 6k USD worth of XCH, but you need to pay maybe 4K~5K for the electricity used

this leaves around 1K in actual income

If his electric rate is 50c kwh then sure… but it’s closer to 10c kwh then his cost for electricity is closer to $1,000 for the HDD. If you’re still actively plotting that’s one thing, but it’s only ~8w per drive to farm.

Oh and 1600TB is closer to $7000. So it’s $6,000 worth of profit.

But maybe he DM’d you his electric rate but not the rest of us and it is in fact 50c kwh.

It can be marketed as whatever the seller chooses.
The resale on the lot is well over 1k, to say its a 1k farm is ludicrous.

Things are valued at the cost to aquire them, not what they produce.

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right this is a bit trickier to price

the disks themselves sell for around $250.00 USD-ish a piece

and the server itself will go for around 3K

the thing here is that you have around 90 of them

companies with large storage arrays will only buy branded OEM SAS drives with vendor firmware (IBM, NetApp, EMC, etc)

people who use them for their personal or Small office/home office NAS (who are the most obvious potential buyers) will only need maybe 2 or 3 of them and few will be willing (or able) to pay 25K for the whole lot

the only other option I can think of would be professional wholesale traders importers/exporters but if you’re asking here for advice there’s no real chance that you even have the connections or existing relationships to broker such a deal

either way, you’d need to format the drives before selling them and you’d have to replot if you wanted to farm again

you are much better off keeping your farm

This is a visual representation of a bad business investment. I’m happy to say to anyone that aside from saving the environment, there is a major cost savings in buying outdated yet useful hardware for Chia. Sure, it absolutely won’t be as pretty and it might take up more space, might burn a little bit more power, but at the end of the day it fits with what the revenue generation is. Crypto is full of hope and promise. And most of that is utter BS. I will watch this thread out of interest on how it turns out. If it was some money maker or a great investment, it would be making the move. Why would anyone want to leave or break up their money maker?

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I think I was polite and straight forward with my initial post. I don’t want to create any argument or combat other’s opinions but I will say a few things.

  1. I came into this venture full stream without cutting corners knowing it was a risk. At the time the products were at a premium cost and it seems I bought at the absolutely worst timing. Things happen that we don’t expect, markets move, etc. I did make a good amount of chia and I was willing to ride out the market being down but I’m being forced out of it.

  2. I cannot bring this equipment with me. I am leaving / selling my home in a low cost area (Myrtle Beach) and moving to an apartment in NY. It’s too big, too noisy, and the electricity cost is more than double. I don’t wish to share much more about my personal life but give me a little trust in the fact that while I was clearly very into Chia I am no longer able to sustain the life of a Chia farmer with this amount of equipment.

  3. I am not looking for $80,000. I don’t understand how this was misunderstood. I clearly stated it was my cost and I wasn’t looking for anywhere near that price. I have had some interest from multiple sources and done my own research on what fair market value is on the individual parts.

Thank you


Sounds awesome and sensible. Parting ways with a money pit. I get it. (Ok, my joking is in bad taste.) Sornds like you are at peace with the chia venture. If it helps, I’m finding that selling off hardware is actually more cost beneficial than farming it right now. Yes of course things could turn around blah blah blah. I’m split 50/50 between farming on what I have versus selling the hardware that I have.

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