Selling used NVMe M.2 SSDs (Samsung 980) for plotting

I’ve decided to stop plotting and I’m selling the Samsung 980 1TB M.2 NVMe SSDs that I used. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you need ultra high end drives for plotting! I opted to use cheaper consumer drives and had excellent results, with my fastest plots completing in about 5.5 hours. Buy my drives and I’ll include my tips for getting the best plotting performance on Linux.

The drives are all comparatively lightly used - all report less than 150 TBW and claim to have 90-96% of their life remaining. (Note that the Samsung 980 warranty covers up to 600 TBW, however the percentage used suggests that the warranty is conservative).

I have 9 drives total for sale. They retail for $130 each, but I will sell for $80 each (or best offer), $70 each if purchasing 5 or more. Shipping to anywhere in the US is a flat $10 regardless of number of drives. I also have 3 PCIe x4 NVMe adapter cards if you want to add more NVMe capacity to your motherboard which I can include for free (limit 1 per drive purchased). I will confirm the serial numbers and reported TBW prior to shipment. I can accept payment via Venmo or Zelle.

DM me if interested!

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I agree, however when it comes to durability Samsung is king, so for long term I think it’s worth it.

You are correct in what you’re saying. I discovered this when comparing NVME M.2 plot times with SATA SSD plot times… they weren’t that far apart, and that is a vast difference in perf!