Send specific coin - send coin from specific address

I have specific usecase to avoid Chia 1.6.1. bug.

I got a reward coin +1.75 XCH that I own for sure but it is not shown in my wallet no matter derivation number or public keys number.
But that is beside the point.

Coin set documents are very technical and I don’t understand it.

Is there a simple way, step by step how to send a specific coin without letting Chia GUI to decide automatically?

The issue is described in Ticket:

I dont use cli, but if im not mistsken it is possible with that, i can offer no advice on how to do it though, but searching or googling should find out how.

Have you tried cancelling unconfirmed transactions, and deleting wallet db to see if that helps?

I wanted to try it via CLI but there is no obvious way from what I see.
Canceling unconfirmed transactions don’t work because I see transactions are already included in blockchain.

Hmm looks like i was mistaken.

This is the post i was thinking of.

You didnt answer if you tried deleting your wallet db?
Not the chain, just wallet. That often fixes balance issues.

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Just tried, nothing… Pending transaction still remains and invalid balance.

Perhaps this will help

It was for an older version though

First check which wallet this amount is in using “chia wallet show”. If this amount is in pool wallet, which is very likely based on 1.75 amount, then you cannot transfer it like from other wallets and instead you have to claim it using “chia plotnft claim -i <pool wallet ID, ex: 2>”. This will provide you with CLI command which you can use to monitor this transaction as it moves ALL the XCH currently in pool wallet to your standard wallet. Once XCH arrives in your standard wallet you can send it to any other address following CLI from my reply in the other article already referenced.

Good catch, i assumed it was claimed for some reason.