Sequential or random? Which is more important?

Motherboard : Asus prime b250 plus
Ram : 16g 2400
cpu : core i7 7700k
samsung 970 pro m.2 1tb
8*8tb wd purpule

Hi everyone,
My motherboard has two M2 slots and when I put the Samsung hard drive in each one, the test results are different!

  1. Is this normal?
  2. Which is better for plotting?
    3.Any suggestions for faster and better plotting?
    ps: ‌ BIOS is updated and I do 3 parallel plots and it takes about 8 hours. (cpu usage 80% to 100% and m2 usage 20% to 60%!! )

motherboard ports :

16gb/s m.2_1 sata&x2 PCIe mode test result:

32gb/s m.2_2 IRST&x4 PCIe mode test result:

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  1. Strange that there is a difference in random IOPS, makes no sense that this would be lower in the faster slot.
  2. Neither is (much) better for plotting, both those speeds should be enough for plotting on a 1TB drive.
    Maybe you will see a small difference when plotting between those to slots, but I would expect not.

But I think you;re better of to put it in the fastest slot, because the other one has shared stuff with the sata ports


Are those the same drives? From your screenshots the first one is a Pro and the second one not. The pro is an MLC drive, while the non pro is a TLC drive.

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Yes they are the same, I only have one drive!
Samsung magician software recognizes different names when I put it in different slots!

hi ilıke buy that cpu i7 7700k do u advise it?

With the specifications I mentioned in the first post, Completes 3 plots in 7 to 8 hours.

This config,with mad max on windows powershel :
1plot , 70min! completes 20plots in 24H.

in linux with mad max : 1plot , 60min and complates 24 plot in 24H.