Server Hard Disk Drive Suggestion

Hey there,

I’m planning to buy a Server Hard Disk Drive. A friend of mine has advised me to Buy ST91000640SS Hitachi Server HDD. Can anyone else guide me on which Server Hard Disk Drive is best for me?


That’s a bit of a broad question…
What you gonna do with it. This is Chia forum so i would guess, farming Chia. But a single 1TB hdd isn’t going to do much is that respect.

For farming Chia, you wanna think mostly about the cost. Yes you need something like server/nas drives because you want good reliability, other that that it’s mostly cost you wanna think about

The drive you listed in the link is insanely expensive!!
1 TB for 100 GBP

A brand new 3.5" 18TB enterprise grade drive costs about 300 GBP at the moment

Are you looking for 2.5" or 3.5" drives? and how many?

The drive you linked is too expensive for the amount of storage. Chia needs as much storage as possible, with the least price and least power consumption.

New 16 or 18tb server SATA HDD’s (Seagate Exos, Toshiba) can be bought NEW for 16-18 €/TB. Use this for comparison, as you do not want to pay more. Bying high capacity drives is wise, because you will use less space, less SATA connectors, less power. Make $/TB your primary criteria for what HDD to purchase.

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