Server hot swapping drives

I’ve got a dell R510 server running ubuntu that I’m plotting with but I don’t understand how to hot swap the drives.

I tried pulling a HDD out and then inserting a replacement drive, the server didn’t recognize the new one, so I’m thinking I have to go back into the BIOS RAID controller and set it up? But that would stop all my current plotting.

I’ve gone into the BIOS and set each drive as it’s own individual drive with the RAID controller (otherwise it doesn’t recognize the drives).

Little to no experience with servers, so just trying to figure out how to do this if anyone has tips?

Depending on the setup, if it’s a new drive you would need to format it first. I have an r210 that I use as a server for household things, but it’s not setup as raid.

I have a synology and with those you just pull them out and put a new one in and it takes care of everything. I believe that unraid will do the same. If you’re doing some type of nas, I’d suggest taking a look at unraid. You can setup vms or docker containers for plotting and/or farming.

For your specific case, I have no idea since I’ve never done raid on a dell

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Okay thanks, I’ll look a bit more into unraid. I think I had to put them into some sort of raid by default to get the controller to recognize the drives, maybe there is an option in there I missed setting up.

Tricky to go into the bios as I never want to shut down the plotting :slight_smile: