Setting difficulty with compressed plots on flexpool

Hi, I’m wondering what my difficulty should be set at…when I was on Spacepool, it seemed to set my difficulty automatically, and it was in the thousands. However, having replotted, my flexpool difficulty is still at 1. Reading some documentation, it says to set it to at least 18. Should I leave it at 18 or change it to the same difficulty as what I had on Spacepool? Thanks!

  1. This question is completely unanswerable without knowing how many plots you have and at what compression level.

  2. Difficulty in the thousands??

  3. Flexpool is shutting down Nov 1st

Thank you…I have roughly 10,000 c7 plots. And thanks for the heads up on Flexpool!

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This gives you an idea of how many partial lookup you will get with what setting.
In the end, higher difficulty means less workload on the farmer, but also less accurate reporting by the pool so your reported space might vary more during the day.

I use Foxy Pool and my difficulty is managed by the pool, I have 4200 C7 BB plots, I’ve wonder whether I should set the difficulty, which Foxy allows.