Setting up multiple farmers / harvesters?


I currently have two PCs (#1 and #2), both plotting, and both storing their own plots on their own drives. I use the command line, on both PCs, to create plots (I know about MadMax, etc, but I would rather not add that to my confusion, until I understand more (see below).

My farming / harvesting (not sure what the difference is?) is running only on PC #1. Whatever needs to start, does so, when I start up the GUI.

PC #1 sees PC #2’s plots, by way of my mapping those drives between the two PCs (Map Network Drive). PC #2s drives are just another drive letter that PC #1 sees.

My config.yaml file simply contains the paths to all of my drives on PC #1 and PC #2.

Everything works. But is my configuration ideal?

I have no idea how to do this differently (or if I should do this differently?). But I read about multiple farmers, etc, and I do not understand what those people are doing. And I still have not wrapped my head around the the function of a farmer vs a harvester.

Somehow, I feel like I am not making the most of my set-up, due to my lack of understanding about farmers and harvesters, and how to make them work across both PCs.

I might add a PC #3. Do I just map their drives, too? Or is there a better way?

Since my set-up is working, and since I do not have an understanding of farmers and harvesters, I am hesitant to tinker with it. But I will if someone offers clear instructions on this topic.

Any help from anyone, on improving my setup will be appreciated (and please include the commands needed to run multiple harvesters / farmers)… as well as an explanation (or link) to help me understand farmers vs harvesters.

Thank you.

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All you need is this guide:

And here is the video guide: Farming Chia on Many Machines | How To Farm Chia On Multiple Computers - YouTube

And here is the definitions:

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I believe your current configuration is fine. Mine is similar, except I no longer plot on the PC farmer, the one dealing with the Chia blockchain. Plots are however stored there, locally, and also some on the separate plotter PC as they are filled.

It has been configured thus since I purchased my plotter PC months ago. IMO, the official setup for multiple machines is designed primarily for PCs on a network that is relatively non-private, with a larger number of plots, so increased security and division of load in that configuration is only sensible and warranted. On a small private home network that is not vulnerable, nor too busy, and does not have PiB of plots, network shares are fine. Doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t do it the official way, however, if you desire. You could always try it and see any difference in overall performance to prove it to yourself. Instructions are given on the Chia site.

Network shares work fine, as long as the overall network is fast, and traffic is limited, thereby allowing good, fast communication between the plot files on a net share and that PC that is communicating with the Chia network, the farmer.

Lookup times on my overall configuration are well below what is required. I win XCH, no errors are thrown. IMO, proceed as you are, or change it up to the ‘official’ multi-pc environment, your choice.

“Ideal” is simply what works and does not cause problems. Good luck.

I have a quick question.
Once the Harvester is up and running do I need to update the server IP path to my plot locations in the config.yaml on that Harvester? If so do I remove that location from the Full Node or does the Full Node pass locations onto the Harvesters?