Shop staff created farming wallet for me and they have the private keys

i brought a complete set of computer with installed 6hhd .

and their staff done all the setup and also register the Chia wallet for me, ive checked that their registered wallet rewarding farmer has set to the wallet which i created my own.

but their staff have the farming wallet private keys. is there anyway i can change to my own wallet after done plotting? feeling not safe someone else have my farming wallet private keys.

I would just stop plotting and setup a new wallet. Once plots are made, they are tied to that wallet.


If they set up all the software then I wouldn’t trust the entire software setup. Who knows if there is something lurking ready to grab any new keys you generate and upload them somewhere. Personally I’d trash the install and start fresh.


How can they use the private key? I don’t understand !!!

Did they give you the 24 word mnemonic? Because if they setup the wallet, then they should have recorded that information to give to you. That is how you would recover your wallet if the computer ever died. With that said, that means if they are not trustworthy, they could have just kept a copy of that information. With that information, they can setup a copy of the wallet wherever they want and make transactions from it. Another words, when you have XCH in there, one day it could just disappear.

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ive ald reinstall the chia software and create a new wallet for plotting that only i have the 24keys. i think should be safe enuf ald right