Should I be seeing occasional proofs?

I have spent a lot of time looking at logs. Everything seems fine and I see a lot of " 2 plots were eligible for farming 905130b69d… Found 0 proofs. Time", etc. But I have never seen “Found 1 proofs”. I know finding a proof does not mean winning a coin.

Reading this It seems that maybe I should have seen one by now?

I’m not at an extreme level of “unluckiness” (but starting to get there), and I’m mostly just double-checking that things are functioning correctly.

What’s your “estimated time to win”? Note that is an estimate and it can take more than 4x that estimate before you find one.

Also, make sure your times are < 5s (ideally < 2s) when checking for eligible plots.

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I’ve only ever seen 1 proof and it’s when I won a block reward

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Yep, I totally understand the statistics. I have been mining a little longer than twice my time to win. It’s not so much that I “should” have won by now, but since I have never received anything I just want to make sure everything is working as intended and I didn’t do something stupid.

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@Andrew Awesome, Thats that gives me a little more confidence.

I’m in the 500-1000 plot range and adding ~50 plots per day just for context also. So maybe others with a larger number of plots that are finding proofs more often have better data/a higher sample size on the occurance of finding a proof, but someone elses proof beating yours.

Another anecdote for you: I’ve been at this only 3 weeks as of tomorrow, have gone from 0-720 plots in that timeframe, and have found 1 proof / won 1 block.

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That’s… not true. Finding a proof DOES mean winning a coin.

Finding a proof doesn’t guarantee earning a coin per the wiki but it sure does make it likely in my experience!


This page on the wiki says otherwise:

Please keep in mind that finding a proof does not constitute to winning a plot (getting a payout). Even if you find a proof, it needs to compete with other proofs and win to actually receive a reward.


This is my understanding too. How quickly you respond to the network plus your quality of proof are main factors in winning a coin.

What does it mean to “win a plot”? Is my payout going by sneakernet or do I get a link? :rofl: I thought there is no competition, a unique feature. There may be low quality and time issues, but provers are not pitted against each other in competition. That’s imprecise verbiage.

I think everyone with a proof wins a block and if too many/few do simultaneously, difficulty is adjusted.

Do I get that wrong?

Ahhh my bad. Every time I’ve seen a proof, I’ve gotten a coin. I stand corrected. I’ll edit my post too.


Same here. If you find a proof and submit it in time, it will almost always give you a reward. If more people find a proof for the same challenge, then they each get a reward. The network is meant to give an average of one reward per every two challenges, but it has been moving faster than that due to high netspace growth.


I actually just noticed that i found a proof, time was 0.2354 seconds but no coin…whaatttt???

Are you using new pooled plots? I see proofs found whenever sending a partial to the pool. A little misleading since a proof previously meant a high likelihood of coins.

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I actually just started yesterday but I only created 1 pool plot and joined a pool, I thought that from 300 plots surely it’s not that 1 that got that proof, unless now with the pool there’s going to be proofs all the time as the entire pool discovers proofs? :-??
True, right above the found proof line, it was something along those lines, sending partial to the pool, guess that clears it.