Should I be worried about Orico NVME SSD enclosures overheating and catching fire?

The only external NVME SSD external enclosures I could find were Oricos. I have heard they get really hot. Should I be worried about them overheating and catching fire while working hard plotting?

Should be fine if they’re on a non-flammable surface and maybe point a desk fan on them if you’re really concerned

I was testing out an external enclosure with one of my NUC’s just before and ended up stopping since the enclosure was almost too hot to pick up haha. I’m not sure burning down my apartment is worth it for increasing my daily plotting rate from 7 to 7.2 TB

Hrmmm, I’m curious why would that only give you an extra 0.2 TB? :slight_smile:

Get some of these! They’re REALLY handy! Seriously! I love mine! And you can daisy chain 'em too

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First safety, computer fire is very dangerous! But generally it will only be damaged and will not catch fire.

We’ve found that having a constant stream of air around the drives can help more than one might think.

Also, just a heads up – there have been reports of ORICO’s multi-bay enclosures causing some serious issues.


Thanks all for the advice! So far they are running - literally - cold. But I guess that means the M1 Minis are not working hard enough, so I’ll crank up the Plotman settings a bit :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ve got a cheap fan blowing air on them. It looks silly but it makes me feel better!

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