Should I Buy XCH or Plot?

In my country, the cost of each TB is close to US$ 30. Pretty high.

If you add a cost of US$ 4~5 per plot as you can buy it through PaS websites, you reach US$ 8/plot on total cost.

Add to that 10x its size and you get closer to the price of 1XCH which is US$ 800/XCH now.

It means that 1 XCH = 100 plots

Giving the circunstances below, I would be spending US$ 800 for getting US$ 286 back in one year or US$ 883 in 5 years.

Sorry guys but, meanwhile the price is US$ 800, I will buy XCH instead of ploting any single additional GB.

I would suggest you learn more about Chia and think for yourself if Chia is a worthwhile investment in farming hardware or going in at this time.

I personally think the price of Chia is way inflated and not anywhere near as good a coin as the marketing suggest.

Check post below for more details.

You missed the “neither” option. The netspace graph tells you all you need to know about whether or not the price is overvalued.


Maybe I am not understanding something with people buying plots:

  • you buy 30tb of plots
  • you download 30tb of plots
  • you need to store 30tb of plots on disks your harvester can access

How does buying plots avoid the need to buy HDs to store plots?

I understanding buying plots can reduce the need for plotting hardware to generate them.

What I was getting at is that I think this is one of those low-effort posts asking for something way more than what a average user can reply accurately. You’re basically asking for if the price of a unit of Chia will break you even in the future or if Chia coins will rise in unit price at all should you decide to buy hardware to farm or should buy Chia and wait for it to rise in value so you can dump them. That’s not something any of use has the privilege to answer and nor will their response be any accurate. No un-tethered coins have true consumer value. Cryptocoins fluctuate in value all the time and it can double or break your bank in an instant.

Yes. I agree. Does somebody have an educated guess of how high it will reach?

If you think it is inflated, you are selling all farmed XCH you get, correct?

I would if I had any. I was considering investing 10k into the farming operation, but seeing how fanatic and optimistic people are about Chia, I had second thoughts. Upon observing the Chia community, I think people here are kind of hoping for more than what I think is realistic.

If you look at Ethereum, which I think is an epitome of an alt-coin, I think it’s truly revolutionary or innovative at the very least. What does Chia have to offer? Proof-of-space and proof-of-capacity isn’t new. If you ask people why Chia, they probably say something like: “Because it’s made by the founder of BitTorret” Seriously? No offense to him, but unless you trying to out-play all the dumb-***es who think a coin is valuable just because of someone who’s made a pirating platform, you need to rethink your financing strategy. Just look at this forum. Everyone’s just here to talk about plotting and farming, and not a lot of people seem to care even slightly about its technology or it’s economy in the future. Technology and adoption is nessesary in the long-run for a crypto-coin to survive.

Even it’s self-proclaimed power efficiency argument is full of baloney. I’ve made a post about power consumption and the only legitimate arguments I see people make against my discovery that Chia isn’t anywhere near as green as I think it would be are all speculative and are not backed by immediate evidence, which favour me. If anything, Eth is going PoS and that should shut a lot of people who believe in speculation up.

I apologize for sounding mean or condemning in my initial post. I am just losing faith in Chia and Crypto.

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I think you misread my post. There are a lot of unhappy farmers right now but that could well be the tip of the iceberg if folks are intending to HODL. If you are long XCH right now you have to know something everybody else (including a16z) doesn’t.

That is by no means an accurate mean of inflation. No Crypto coins have mass adoption, and without that you cannot put a stable fiat conversion rate to a coin.

There are plenty of coins out there where the average consumer can only mine at menial profits if profitable at all, but there are whales that mine then anyways. You are potentially competing with people who have an unimaginably large amount of storage at their disposal or have a competitive edge by other means. If that’s true, it’s no longer advantageous for the average consumer to invest anymore.

I’m not sure where inflation comes into this. Netspace follows price. A lot of (wishful thinking?) people here seem to think that price follows Netspace.

Ok, perhaps over-valued is the word I am looking for and not inflation.

But you suggested in the previous post that you can derive information about the value and not the speculative value from the netspace.

Right. Because rate of growth/decline of netspace is the most reliable indicator that exists of consumer sentiment with regards to price. You need to look not at the absolute value of netspace, but at the rate of change.

How do you suggest deriving the value of Chia from the netspace?

I would advise in the strongest possible terms not to try! There is no way to tell what will happen next. Remember, the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.

That’s not what you were saying.

Rather than you try to tell me what I was saying, I think at this point it makes more sense for me to move on and wish you, sir, the best of luck.

I am guessing what you said there was satire and that people are just desperate to see Chia in their wallets instead of cutting their loss.

I am cutting my looses with any amount u put in chia calculator u r spending double the income with current price, better u buy coin after bull market. It will drop in between 300 to 500 it think. People who got in early recovered investment will continue or some Chinese farm with millions of dollar from btc. I think if still want to mine better wait and let space exhausted then u can predict do u want to investment or leave it. It will be big investment to start that point. But u will find all the hdd.