Should I still insist on Hpool?

For one year, my 470TiB farm mined Chia on Hpool without any major problems, but at the end of December 2022, the number of points dropped by 90%, almost to zero. A Timeout message appeared in the Exception information field, along with the number of p2sph and the miner. I got information about Disk spanning over 5 seconds posted on Reddit. I checked hard drives, reduced the number of disks, reduced the number of devices, but nothing happened. Even when I don’t have any disk connected, I get Timeout messages and 10-12TiB Estimated Plot Size. I’m thinking of switching Spacepool, but it’s inconvenient for me because I’d have to replott all those disks…
Does anyone have an idea what I should do to get the farm working like before?

Compressed plots are coming soon along with a gpu plotter (per comments from chia) so would be a pain if you plotted and then had to replot again.

HPool has a discord Id suggest asking them there. They use their own farming program I believe so probably none of us can help?

Btw look at Flexpool if HPool doesn’t workout. :slight_smile:

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Do you have any problems when returning to solo? Check it out. if there is no problem in solo, the problem is in hpool. Write to hpool support.

Foxy pool still has an OG pool, you could try there.

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