Should we stop the plotting now? And wait for 17th May?

my plot for now… already 10 days

should we continue? or just stop it…

What happen 17th May?

May 17 is expected launch of version that supports farming pools (co-ops?) and plotting “portable” plots which will be required for pools.

I’m not stopping plotting. I’m not likely able to fill my drives before that happens, so I can just switch over in a new folder and start deleting old solo plots as I need until I’m 100% portable plots.

Is there an official post? I saw this on twitter:

Very intressestion, i still try to learn how to show my farmer key and create plots on multi machine! :smiley:

So a pool-farming will be very very nice! :slight_smile:

yes, I stopped plotting 3 days ago, only farming for now.
I want to save some life span for my ssd and start again with the plotting pools.

When you farming, get you paying for transaction fee our only when you are hit a block?

ohhh ya… good 1 !! nice… i trying

I’m doing the same question right now… Actually was going to open a new thread until I saw yours.

I think it depends on your build, especially on the TBW and the max. storage you have (and you can get)…

For example, in my case I want to create new plots for the pool (for now I don’t want to delete and replot the space I have already filled). So, seeing that currently in my country all the external drives (+10TB) are out of stock everywhere, I want to keep at least one drive fully empty to be able to plot for the pool, just in case the shortage in HDDs continues and I can’t buy more soon…

Also I want to save enough TBW to be able to plot for the pool without buying another SSD. So, I will try to keep enough TBW to make all the plots I have planned for the pool.

In a nutshell, I will stop plotting once I have just 1 HDD left or XXX TBW left.

I hope it can helps to you to decide. :man_farmer:

If you stop your estimate may drop to 2 months in 8 days, considering the 8% daily netspace grow 1.08^8 * 3 = 5.55279063085 EIB. But if you are limited by TBW then it’s a good reason to stop. However the pooling can be only some initial beta version first and it can take also time to create pools so I will be very surprised if we would have pools by the 17th. I would be happy if they are available by the end of the month.

I am continuing to plot as I will not be able to fill up my HDDs before than, have close to 200TB. My big question is, can you solo farm on the new plots, or are they only for pools?

You can solo farming using all the plots you have created.

At the same time, to join Pool you will need to create new Plots, these new plots can switch from one Pool to another and no need to replot.

The supported standard pool protocol will support (1) pools being able to allow any rando to join/leave at any time without having to worry about people scamming them and (2) pool users being able to switch at any time with worst case the pool stiffed you what they owed you

if I wait to start plotting for pools can I also uses these new plots to switch back to solo plotting? Assuming no older plots were created prior to pool support.