Show off your rigs!

any recommendation on USB hub
you connect all that to one harvester?

I daisy chain the usb disks. There is a maximum of 5 and I do it with just four so I connect 16 disks in each computer using only 4 usb ports.

Hello, I am thinking building a machine with 4x18TB like you. How many XCH are you getting? Thanks

Hi @MrWrite - FYI you can buy “5TB Seagate Portable” USB drives from Amazon, “shuck” the drive (extract the SATA drive) from its enclosure and they should successfully install directly into those hot-swap trays on your HP server. I believe SATA drives can be installed into SAS slots.

These 5TB Portable drives are 15mm high, so they don’t fit in laptops, but they do fit nicely in enterprise server HDD trays!

I don’t recommend connecting SSD’s via SAS. If you can get NVME SSD’s to work via PCIE cards, that might be better, but I’m not certain old hardware like yours can handle that?

First time shucking and finally got my plotters down into the basement so my wife doesn’t kill me :grinning:.


I call this the HangMiner (HangFarmer?)

My goal here was to use as much existing hardware as possible. I had already started building an ETH mining rig a month or two back, so this was a natural continuation of that build. The only parts I purchased for Chia were hard drives (renewed, might as well use cheap recycled drives especially with the shortage of high-end drives!) and NVMEs (plus loads of SATA/power splitters). You might have to zoom into see everything, but here’s what you are looking at:

Top shelf: 8x RX480/580 8gb GPUs
Second shelf: 3 motherboards - left and right each control 4 GPUs up top and mine ETH. Middle mines ETH with a 3060 12gb and is also my Chia farmer and my Storj server which controls over 20 hard drives hanging below.
Third shelf: 22 hard drives of various sizes for about 90TB of total storage, along with 4 SATA 1 to 5 port multipliers. The port multipliers plug into 2 SATA 4x PCI-x cards that each support 6 port multipliers, for 60 total possible drives.
Fourth shelf: box fan and future space for 20 more drives. Box fan to be replaced by 6-8 120mm case fans.
Bottom shelf: 2 gaming laptops with 2060 8gb GPUs and i7 processors - both mining ETH and plotting Chia on nvme’s. Also future space for 20 more drives.

All of the white plastic hangers you see are custom designed and 3d printed by myself. I’ve got hangers designed for GPUs, power supplies, motherboards, hard drives, SATA multipliers, cable clips and PCI boards. The wire shelf you see is actually two of these that you can find at your local Walmart: Hyper Tough 3 Tier Stackable Wire Shelving Unit, Silver/Zinc, 13.4"Dx23.2"Wx30.6"H, Weight Capacity 750 lb - - (There is even instructions in the box on how to order more shelves, connectors, etc).

Not shown: 2 other PCs also plotting

Up to about 5tib a day now, over 400 plots, and I won 2 Chia last week!


THAT COMMITMENT THOUGH. :sunglasses: mad props on the achievement and the organization is on point! What room in your house does that occupy??

I’m using the basement. Fortunately nobody is using it so I can put easily 10 tables more lol

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I might have to start CA Chia Anonymous over here!! :laughing:

I got four of these, pretty much identical look wise farming chia. Running various Ryzen 9s and one threadripper. Working on hooking them up to a 10g switch at the moment. Each box can hold up to 10-11 14-16tb drives.

The case is the cooler master n400.


#1 3960X, 128GB RAM, 4 x 970 2TB EVO Plus (another 4 soon)

#2 Dual Xeon Platinum 8160, 128GB RAM, 4 x WD black 2TB 750 (another 4 soon)

#1 nets 20 plots every 9h 30minutes

#2 nets 20 plots every 12 hours (trying 4 threads now, tomorrow will try 40 plots in parallel with the extra 4 NVMEs, but 2 threads)


Is it best for externals to lieflat or upright? Flat on desk would be less air surface but more vibration stable?

On the rubber feet wherever they are. Less vibrations.


i like them flat on desk, and put some mats under it, upright if anything accident knock it over it will be game over for the drive, my last single nas was knock over by kids and dead right after … :joy:

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This is my main plotter. It’s jacked right now cause I decided to mess with it and change a few things. It’s my main one I use for work as well.

3950x with 128GB, has 6 ssd hot swap and 2 hot swap hard drives. Has an asus hyper on the way so I should be able to shove about 5 nvmes in there too.

This was gonna be a nas and use unraid, but the board is like 10 years old and finally gave out so it’s in the process of being rebuilt. Waiting on parts sucks


This is my secondary 4 nodes plotter. Xeon-D 16Core, 32 Gb Ram, 2 slots nvme for each node.
4 nodes in an u1 chassis low power consumption I’m going “Green”.


This is all I can show off about my rigs! :wink:

This one is running 22 plot jobs with a 15 mins interval!


Domestic assistant required - please don’t apply if you are OCD lol
I am about to re-organise as i have to add another 32 disks soon

As you can see it was “assembled” incrementally and one of my intentions failed slightly - a job for tomorrow i think as the HBA SAS extender is full and i need to add another one


I bought similar system only with 5 1 TB m2 SSDs. I only get 20 plots max. Where do I make mistakes?

lovely build :slight_smile: also i try to plotting in 2019 macbook pro 16"

Can you let us know about your mac mini setup and plotting times please?

thank you

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