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Stay away from this place.

I just speed read an incredibly long reddit at about stormgain. The thread has many obviously false positive reviews but mostly peeps describing making $10 to $100 and then finding it expensive or impossible to withdraw.

The latest reviews are very bad like,

STORMGAIN IS A SCAM. They got a margin call last Monday when crypto crashed. Si they blocked most of their clients accounts and used their money to cover themselves. They seemed to good to be true offering up to 20% cash bonus per deposit, but then they take 10% of all your profits as a commission, and manipulate your account for their own gains. NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

After reading the Reddit thread I found this former users detailed description of their scam, fraud, and theft. Exposed: Stormgain is a Scam. Read my whole story and try to save… | by Charles | Medium.

It is sort of an unregulated exchange. Peeps have trouble explaining exactly what it is. Something between a crypto farming game and a pyramid scheme that does not even pay it’s base.

If they have scammed you you can find further proof and some suggestions for recovery here:

As this scam site is in no way Chia related I am flagging the post as spam.

Run away! Run away!

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