"Signing Plots To..."

I’ve heard, in the context of the evil empire (hpool), people talking about “signing plots over to hpool”.

What does that mean, in a technical sense? Is it possible to take a plot that I’ve plotted, and re-sign it using someone else’s keys?

My mental model of how hpool works (which could be wildly wrong) is something like:

  1. I’m happily solo farming.
  2. I decide to sell out to hpool.
  3. I install some closed-source hpool binary on my farmer.
  4. I give that binary my mnemonic.
  5. That binary does some magic that “signs my plots to hpool”.
  6. The binary either then tweaks my harvester to point at hpool’s farmer, or just takes over harvesting itself.

Does anyone know if that’s generally correct, or what I got wrong?

If it’s roughly correct, is there knowledge (or even better, code) that implements the resigning process?

If that’s possible, it’s presumably way cheaper than actually plotting. This creates a problem for the “Plotting as a service” industry. A dishonest plotter could just pre-plot a bunch of plots, and then sell them multiple times, I think.

Would that be detectable? Could it be mitigated some other way?

I interpreted it as giving them your private key.

I don’t think so, no. You can plot for other people if you use their farmer key, but I don’t think you can reassign ownership of an existing plot once it has been plotted.

Well, yeah. I’m asking about the details of how you give it to them (paste it into a website, hand it to some binary they have you download and run), and what they do with it.

Most of what I wrote is really just pure conjecture based on the fact that they have your run a binary (I think), and people using the “sign(ed) my plots over to hpool” language.

I’m hoping somebody who has played around with it can fill in some blanks.

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