SILICOIN ROI is higher than CHIA ROI now?

SILICOIN ROI is higher than CHIA ROI now ?

I’m interested in Silicon also, But it looks like there having some significant issues with there blockchain/software.

According to what i’ve seen in there discord.

Needless to say, Im still running it just in case.

yeah, they still dont even have the code fully branded to them

OG plots only I guess ?

Silicoin has merged Chia 1.2.6 on 2021-Sep-13.

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How many exchanges?
It’s not even listed on cmc or coingecko as far as I can see.

They’ve a bug in reporting netspace causing issues, or so I’ve read.

Found it, 2 exchanges, wildly different prices, its a pump most likely, I’d sell fast.

It is easy to show fantastic ROI on a brand new coin with a small total network size.

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silicoin failed. they already stopped the new official chain and halted trading on exchange.

I’m glad to see some chia forks listed on the open market,

If chia’s market performance is not as good as these chia forks, I think the chia team will be under great pressure.

Of course, the main problem is: there is no strong technical team to support these forks, but these problems will be solved with more and more people’s attention and participation

At the same time, it’s a good news to bring additional surprises to Chia farmers

so, you buy in one exchange and sell in the other. 50% price diference…? whatttt