Silly question: Swar for plotting... GUI for farming?

Sorry for the beginners-101 question here… I’m going to start using Swar Plot Manager and was suddenly curious how farming would work… do I keep the GUI running and just refresh the plot directories from time to time?

Is your farm (final storage directories) directly attached to that machine?

Yep - 6 drives are sata inside the host box and the other 12 are in an enclosure connected via HBA/ssf.

Then you should be fine just letting the GUI do the work. Just make sure it has all the directories added under the Farm Plots tab. You can confirm it is farming them all by looking at the “Plots Passed Filter” area of the Farm tab (under Last Attempted Proof). The total number should match the number of plots in your directories.

And keep an eye on your debug log to make sure your search times are too bad. But with them being locally attached, shouldn’t be a problem. I highly recommend chiadog to keep an eye on all that. It helps a lot so you don’t have to keep such a close eye on the logs yourself.


I actually think Swar’s will add the directories as it plots (to the GUI plots directories list). I’m not sure of that because my plotters are not on the same system.

You are correct - by default Swar will add them, but there is an option not to if for some reason you didn’t want to

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Got it - thanks for the tip!