Since first win, my plot counts don't match

Since my first win two days ago, my plot count on the GUI farm page became disconnected and started lagging behind all other indicators (chia farm summary in the CLI, plots page in the GUI, the counts from the plots passing filter on the GUI farm page, entries in debug.log).

The gap is approaching 100 plots, though both numbers are advancing, one just slower than the other.

Any thoughts?

Lesson for anyone bothering to read this…no one helps a winner…


Cmon, that’s not true.

Try removing the folders and re adding them, check your connections.
Hit refresh plots button.

Other than that I’m not sure what to recommend.

Plots don’t just vanish, if they’re connected and added I have no idea what the issue could be.

Ah because now you assumed no one helps a winner… no one then will help you then. :smiley:

Just following up, no plots have vanished…indeed all counts and indicators except for the total plots count on the farm page show 100%. I’ve recently acquired a larger server enclosure and am moving the entire farm into it, and will be restarting all machines, will see if the problem persists.

OP wrap-up, the move is complete, all is tidy in the case and in the counts. Discovered some overlap in harvester coverage (on the network drives) which I imagine may.have caused the counts to differ. Unsure.

But something I didn’t expect! Had my second win while farming only a little over 10% of my plots, which I did for twelve hours while I set up the rest of the rig.

Go figure.

Incidentally, those 10% were my oldest plots dating back to May, so they had their three months…