Single rig VS separate farm n plot rig

Anyone have any inputs?

I find that single rig that plots and farms is more efficient and stable with no synchronization issues


Specific farmer + specific plotter

Anyone can enlighten? The pros and cons?

Some farming rig are not able to detect plotting rig. Anyway to solve this?

Helping people who have multiple rigs connected with some burning qns

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In general yes it is simpler to have one farmer. Then attach JBOD drives with plots in a simple manner, either directly (SATA, M.2 slot), indirectly (USB 3.x, thunderbolt, eSATA), or over network connections.

If you have multiple farmers you must be careful they are on completely different networks, or if they are on the same network, forward port 8444 to the primary farmer and turn upnp off for all the other farmers.

Some of the issues i find people encounter is that if they are connected to the same IP. They might run into sync issues.

  1. If those having sync issues, what should they do? Wipe and reinstall chia, delete all chia related folders and file? And make a new private key?

  2. for another group, who have 1 farmer and 1 plotter. The plotter works, yet the farmer cannot detect the finished plots.

Will the above suggestion help detect the finished plots for case 2)?