Slow move/copy plots from a SATA hard drive to another SATA hard drive

Has anyone tried to move/copy plots from a SATA hard drive to another SATA hard drive? I’m experiencing slow data transmission rate of 12MB/sec lasting approximately 30 hours to copy just a single plot.
how to solve this?
My SO is UBUNTU 20

Is there anything else using either drive at the same time? That would turn your sequential I/O into random and destroy the performance.

not any other processes in use

The glances monitoring tool can be used to get an overview of HDD bandwidths, per-process bandwidths, and I/O wait. Running "sudo dmesg -w -H" can be used to check whether the HDD is dying.

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Curious are the drives you are using internal to the host or SATA w/external connectors? 12MB seems awfully slow for an internal connection, heck transferring to a slow USB3.0 drive averages around 125MB/s for me.

Should try and get a baseline of how fast the OS can read/write to your drives individually. Haven’t played with Linux in years but this might be something to start with:

Get a baseline and go from there, I would also be curious to see how the OS is seeing those SATA drives perhaps its not seeing it as say SATA3?

Just a note: SATA1 (150 MB/s) is sufficient for most HDDs. Performance of HDDs is primarily limited by seek times.

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Yeah suspicious for an internal SATA drive: that speed looks like what you get with USB2… or if there’s a 100MB network connection in there somewhere.

Even with USB2 you should get about 30MB/s