Slow Plot speed Corsair MP600 Pro

I have 3 machines ploting and encounter slow plot speed on one of them.
I am lost as old PCs perform better than new dedicated plot machine.

dedicated plot machine:
i7-7700K 4,7GHz
32GB 3200Mhz Gskill ram
2TB Corsair MP600 Pro
120GB SSD for os

gaming PC:
i7-6700 3,9GHz
32GB 2400MHz ram
1TB 970 Evo(os+plot temp)

gaming laptop
i7-7700HQ 2,8GHz
32GB 2400Mhz
1TB toshiba nvme(os+plot)

PC and laptop runs windows, 3 plots, 20min stagger with swar manager.
PC makes plots in 7h~, usually <7h, laptop makes plots in 7,5h-8h
Dedicated have 7 plots sheduled, 20min stagger in swar, but rarely run more than 5 as phase 1 takes 4h~ Dedicated machine makes plots in 10h solo 12h stagger.
tested also on debian and results were even worse.

Phase 1 on gaming takes 2:45~ and on dedicated 4h~

I am lost what is causing the slowness.
Any advice?

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That’s just weird. Have you tried running some benchmarks and memtest, just too see if that turn up any problems.
Is the m.2 slot with the MP600 running in Sata-mode for some odd Intel Pcie reason?

Dunno just trowing some ideas out there

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RAM is fine checked with memtest
Crystal Disk Mark results in 3500/3500 read/write with should be more than enough.
On gaming PC i have 3000/2500 in CDM.

I start thinking its not the disk
I have PRTG monitoring agent on all of them:
1h Average disk read:1 402 Mbit/s
1h average disk write:1 301 Mbit/s
1h average disk read:2 141 Mbit/s
1h average disk write:2 102 Mbit/s
So Corsair is working faster than evo.
Im lost even more.

Solved it!
CPU was thermal thortling!
Installed water AIO on CPU and now have temp of 65C.
7 plots, stagger 20min, 3 in phase 1, average plot time 7:30.

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