Slow plotting speed with xeon 2650 supermicro server


I have supermicro server X9dr3-f

2 * xeon 2650
60g ram ddr3 1600
2 * ssd samsung evo 860
8 * 8tb wd purple hdd
per plot : 6000 g ram and 6core cpu

Previously, 6 parallel plots took about 12 hours, after updating the BIOS, my plot speed is very slow! And now 6 parallel plots take about 18 hours!
Has anyone had such a problem?
Thank you for your help.

Firstly I’d check if your SSDs are running at SATA 3 speeds. That board is of the generation when some ports are SATA 2, and some are SATA 3. Check the manual, or just run CrystalDiskMark to confirm.

You’ve got an, old, slowly closed processor that only turbos to 2.8 GHz. It probably won’t even make it to that speed. What you do have is cores and threads. Run more in parallel. You have plenty of memory for more in parallel. If you had 2 x 2TB 860 Evos you could probably run 18 in parallel no problem.

Also note, as you plot more in parallel, speed of each plot will go down. However, overall plots per day will increase.

EDIT: On and also look into NUMA nodes. That can impact speed hugely.


I’m sure you probably checked, but is your ram clock the same as before the bios update?

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Thank you for your good advice. :+1: :four_leaf_clover:

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Thanks for the reply :+1: :four_leaf_clover:, the settings have always been on auto.

I run 2 xeon E5 2699 V2 with 128gb of ram and 2 samsung enterprise drives 1.6 each. I can plot about 36 ish a day. Are you staggering your plots, it’s a marathon not a race for most plots in 24 hours. I stagger mine 40 mins before starting another one and I’m using plotman on linux.

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Thank you for your advice.
I want to know where the problem is:
It took 12 hours before the update, but now, after updating the BIOS and drivers, it takes 18 hours.
The settings are all the same as before.