Small farmer-build

felt cute today, might delete later, idk

But seriously, this is my farmer next to my NAS, which is standing there without reason.

Now that crytpos are dead, ive finally finished “Mark 1” of my farming-setup.
I started with some USB-drives but quickly ran short of power sockets. Also, horror-stories like this made me buy a dedicated 4-bay enclosure.
When I shuckled the drives, i burned my fingers, so I think, active cooling was needed more than I thought.

In September,
if things look better, I might spend another 750€ and 10% of my 980pro to add another 32TB.
If things get worse, i’ll sell the NAS and have the farmer my new ultimate super-NAS.

One quick note:

The EVO series is excellent.

High end CPU setups can bottleneck at the NVMe but for most of us mortals your CPU works more slowly and the NVMe is well under active capacity.

The EVO PRO writes faster and is a solution to help stop high end multi CPU setups from bottlenecking the NVMe.

Like mine, your plotter looks to be in the mid-range. Unless you are hiding a lot under the hood, you do not need the PRO.

When the time comes, save yourself some cash and grab the Plus instead. They are rated for the same TBW.

We have gathed reports of EVO users drives being 2-300% over their TBW rating and still going strong.