Snapshot 10/06/21 synced blockchain

approximate height: 410400 on 10/06/21

Zip: 2782764Ko
UnZip: 4649404Ko
Direct download:


keep shared for other users, thank you

how to use it?:

-install chia, create a wallet, connect the wallet, open port 8444 in your firewall and in your router.

-when sync starts and you see a number like 200/450000, it means you start to download, but it may take several days …

-close chia, make sure that all the processes related to it are also closed, the easiest way, is to restart the pc.

-go to the folder where the blockchain synchronization is placed (habitually: C:\Users\username_.chia\mainnet\db)

-replace the “blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite” file with the one you just downloaded in the .zip archive

-start chia, wait a few minutes, it will detect the file and download only the remaining files (those since the date of the snapshot)

-you saved several days of waiting …

-offer me a beer :+1:

if you have a problem or a suggestion, don’t hesitate!

Do not EVER download the block-chain from an untrusted source.
There is a reason you get the block-chain data from random peers… to prevent it from being a poisoned version.

I get that OP is trying to help others… but please don’t… just sync the normal way.

I understand your policy, it is reasonable.
But I can guarantee that the file is clean, and the users who have already downloaded it too. this is just for convenience, another user had done this in the past and used it because it saved a lot of time!

Ask yourself this: why doesn’t publish this?
Because it centralizes the block-chain data and is a big no-no.

Then ask yourself, how do I know this block-chain data from an untrusted source is not poisoned?
The answer is you can’t know.

Again OP’s intensions are (probably) good, but please don’t touch this.