So I fucked up - plotted for two different keys

I just passed 200 plots and realized that I accidentally plotted for two different wallets (pool keys). Using GUI. Approximately half here half there. Guh

From reading the forum it seems like you cannot farm at the same time from plots created for two different wallets. If that is the case and I have to replot what is the quickest way to find and delete those plots and also delete the right wallet? Do I actually have to delete it?

Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

Who said that? You can farm plots that belong to different wallet keys in the GUI as long you are logged into those two wallets. I’ve done that before.

Even if you can’t, you can just open two computers and each mine the plots corresponding to the designated wallet key on that machine.


Hmm, if that’s true that’s great news! Then I’ll postpone replotting till pooling protocol comes out. Just not sure how to be logged in with two wallets on the same desktop though. :thinking: Is it just running two instances of the program or have to set up something fancy like a VM

I think running two instances of the GUI wallet would be fine. Have you tried adding the second keys to your wallet?

Yep no it doesn’t open the second instance of Chia client on one PC. Not sure what you mean by adding second keys to my wallet…so I originally created two sets of private keys (two sets of 24-word mnemonic phrases) which, if I understand correctly, means that I have two separate wallets. Now when Chia launches I can go into either of those wallets, they both show “synced” and “farming” with 200 plots. I just know that GUI doesn’t always show when something isn’t working right so that’s why I’m questioning whether I’m actually farming on all of these plots or just the half when I’m logged in into one of the wallets.

You see how I have multiple keys? I just click into either one of them and the farming page shows that all the plots are farming.

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Yes same! Except I have 2 options to choose from in that window. I was under the impression that you can only login and therefore farm for one of those at a time. It seems to be farming fine my 8444 port is open and all check times are under 1 second.

A bit off topic but what I recently noticed that I don’t quite understand is I got a free 0.00000001 XCH from Bram’s twitter post on one of those wallets - it shows up on the machine where I did it but not on my second machine where I also login into the same wallet… that’s really perplexing but maybe can just be solved with a reboot :man_shrugging:t2:

You can farm multiple keys on the same node. The only thing to have in mind is that all the rewards will go to the same address you have in the config file and they will not be split between keys.

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