So many of you ban russian ips from full node?

You of course realize who you are and where you are going for it?

Lol. I doubt that anyone cares enough to ban Russian IPs. It is more likely Russian ISPs are blocking from their side and use it as propaganda to spin their “evil West” story.

ohh you doubt do you. ah ah ah. you must be that person who does know everything about propoganda since you civilized white people yeah

If there is any ‘banning’ going on at whatever location it doesn’t appear to be having much of an effect…

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well, that is correct but the fact itself pisses me off insanely.

nice link!

Where do you get the idea that this is happening?

I do ban Russian IPs. I also ban Chinese and Ukrainians. Some other countries, but more like per offending ISP blocks. Also, a bunch of big virtual hosting providers (OVH, a bunch of Amazon, Oracle, …).

The reason is very simple. I monitor my router logs at home and on a couple of AWS servers. About 80% of all attacks come from those three countries. Servers that I run, or my home have no interest in Russian or Chinese business. So, why would I not ban the places that try the hardest to attack everything out there.

Do you keep your doors open at home? This is basically the same thing. If you see scum coming to your neighborhood, you keep your doors locked. I see plenty of scum coming also from Russia, so I ban Russian traffic.

One thing is to keep the router up, the other is that there are services (like web servers) that don’t do much to protect itself. Banning the biggest offenders (Russia included) is the simplest thing for me to do.

I guess, anyone asking to not do such blocks at home, or on servers that have no business with those countries is just nuts.

@ivan_dulin If you see problem with that, you can write a petition to your governing authorities, and have them curb that shit. Once the traffic from your country will drop down to the level of other countries, there will be no reason to do such blocking. For now, I update my country lists, and keep refreshing those firewall rules.

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Here is the post from a couple of months ago - Russian nodes increasing - #14 by Jacek.

When you go to that “Greg’s IT blog” website, it has a good description how to do it for Windows.

I have a dedicated folder for that PS script. In that folder, I created “zones” subfolder where I keep all country lists. As suggested on that main page, I update those countries from time to time (not that often, as just things at the edges change, but cores stay the same). I have also created a bat file to run it:

@echo off

set IMPORT_SCRIPT=.\Import-Firewall-Blocklist.ps1 

echo .

set LIST=by cn hk id ir kp kr rs ru th tw ua

FOR %%? IN (%LIST%) DO (
  Powershell.exe %IMPORT_SCRIPT% -inputfile zones\%%?.zone

You can specify whatever countries you want to block on that “set LIST=…” line, and the following for loop will block just those countries.

As that PS script is modifying system files (firewall), it needs to be run with elevated access rights.

I didn’t do too much reading to check other similar solutions, as this one seems to be clean and simple for me. As mentioned in the other thread, I went through that PS script, and when I downloaded it, it was clean. I have no reason to believe that it may be infected right now, but if you want to use it, check it out for yourself. Unfortunately, there is no checksum provided for it to compare our downloads (I may have modified mine, so would be a different one).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a list of offending virtual host providers, so I built my own lists based on the logs from those servers.

For Linux, I run firewallcmd on those boxes (CentOS, Rocky LInux). Although, the way I do it on those boxes are kind of messy. I guess, I need to spend more time on that task.

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@dchuk I would consider deleting this thread, and you having a private chat with that guy. He opened a post, and immediately started to make subtle threads. I don’t think we want to wait for him to move to personal threads what wasya did before.

Looking at his previous posts, he asked for support for basic issues, and when people provided support to him, he moved to antagonize them. Right now, he is moving to social engineer PC type of responses.

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Too many words written on something that doesn’t really have to do with Chia. Closing the thread. Keep politics and world events out of this stuff please, there are other forums for that (literally).