Software raid 0, does speed difference between drives matter?

Longtime pc builder and small time miner, but no raid experience. I have an old pc on win. 10 with (3) 480gb sata ssds I’m using for plotting through the gui atm. I’m thinking about trying to raid them together with software to try and get a 4th plot going. I’m wondering if one drive technically being faster than the other 2 will be an issue? One is an intel DC S4510 and the other 2 are micron M500DC. The intel’s theoretical speed is 560/490 and the microns are 425/375. Plot times do not vary much between them so I don’t think the processor (xeon e3 1240 v3) is able to fully utilize them anyway if it matters. Thanks.

I don’t think it will matter, unless there is a huge difference in speeds, you’d expect the whole array to be slowed down to the level of the slowest drive.

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Great, thank you. Just wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be any data corruption.