Software to smooooth out random writes?

I have essentially filled my drives with plots.

Now with pooling, I am working to redo everything.

I am not really in a hurry, so do not want to be burning out my SSD disks anymore. I have already burned up more value in SSD drives that I have earned in XCH.

I am currently doing my replotting on spinning disks, takes longer but not burning up the SSD drives.

Random write performance just sucks, does anyone know of any software you can use to create a RAM caching system?

Essentially acting like a cache on a RAID controller to smooth out writes? But use RAM? I have some RAM (not enough for full plotting) that I could use for cache if such software existed.

Something like Intel’s Open CAS, but using RAM would be ideal.

I do not think such software exists, but thought I would ask if anyone knows of such a thing anyway…

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Romex Sw > Romex Software - High-Performance Storage Solutions & Computer Speed-Up Solutions

@Fuzeguy , thanks for the reminder. I had used that many years ago, it did not do much for me back then. However, my use case is different now - so I tried it.

Guess what! It works.

I was trying to plot using a single USB WD My Passport disk. Crap to say the least.

I downloaded PrimoCache and allocated 12gb RAM to cache the USB disk

I timed the 1st three stages of MadMax.

No cache:

Table 1 - 766 sec
Table 2 - 3176 sec
Table 3 - 6089 sec

With cache enabled:

Table 1 - 475 sec
Table 2 - 2548 sec
Table 3 - 3956 sec

While no comparison vs. my SSD, since I am just replotting I do not care if it takes me months to redo my plots. I’m not interested in burning out more SSD drives to replot everything.

No question that PrimoCache is working in this use case. Exactly what I was hoping for.

Actually, it’s a challenge to find decent software nowadays, and I believe that most reliable developers decided to switch to blockchain development or something like that since it’s more profitable. Even when I was looking for a reliable magento developer it took me a while, but at least I managed to find a store with everything I need for my website like cache extension and magento services, so it was worth it.

Well, blockchain development is indeed profitable, but I think this field is pretty risky, don’t you think? Now that I’ve managed to export contacts from salesforce, I’m thinking about working with crypto as well, but something is stopping me, and I guess it’s better to wait for some time before everything gets more stable.