Solo plotters lets unite

I was just wondering if there are other dolo miners like me wanting to sel their plots? maybe we should all get together and start our own plot selling service.

just a thought

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Sure, I can plot 12TB/day. My apartment is literally full so I am selling off my plotting power.

Damn… i can only do 2 plots a day… got no space to keep them hence the selling. Will definitely increase in the near future

How do we go about such a service?

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I plot right now around 1,4 TB a day! :slight_smile: hope to increste it very soon

Im doing .2 tb per day lol… but i do have a friend that also started plotting today,som hopefully we can also bring about 1tb to the table per day

We’re currently looking for providers who can help with overflow in demand – if interested, let us know via private message.

Thank you so much for the relpy. Will dm you tomorrow as i am at work currently.

I have 740TB empty space, I can be interested in a partnership. I am plotting but it may take me weeks to fill them. Anyone interested hit me.

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This is definitely something to look at. I am on day 3 with my whole chia experience, so its all very very new to me. How we go about this i do not know yet… will keep you informed

Me and a few other farmers are looking to pool but don’t want to join a super pool. Would rather pool where fees are much less. Currently solo farming, collectively have about 200TB of space with more drives on the way.

This chia forum is working on a pool, and it is to launched soon if i understand correctly. Will definitely be looking into that as well.

But yes a small private pool could be better. I guess everything got its pros and cons