Solo vs Pool chia plotting

What would be the recommended TB to have for people who wants to solo.

What would the rewards be for people who joins a pool or are currently in one?

Anyone care to contribute to this post so more people in the community can make a more informed decision

Depending on the size of the Network, I would go with enough plots to win at least once a month… That would be something like 200TB today.

Personally I only have 220TB, less than half of that was an investment. Still, I intend to remain a solo farmer for a very long time, I will not replot. I don’t intend to sell or trade any Chia won for at least 7 years, maybe longer so whatever happens, happens… I guess I believe in Chia.

I already won once with 900 plots and if the coins will get to 10k for example in 7 years time, it will be a huge win. I might even expand towards the end of the year depending on what happens with Chia. Haven’t decided yet

Right now, I wouldn’t go crazy buying equipment, use whatever you have and hope for the best. Don’t stress too much if you want to go solo, just do your plots and forget about it for weeks or months at a time. Otherwise it’s probably best to join a pool when the time comes.

Hope that helps.

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PS: I would also stay away from pools for a few months until waters settle. There will be a lot of scams and a lot of issues for a lot of people… being a solo farmer will surely be better for a while. After that, you can decide if you want to replot or stay like that for longer.

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The rewards for those who joined the pool vary on their capacity so the more you have capacity - the more you will get xch.

I chose to connect to the pool because its more stable way of farming xch.

If I have had like 1 pb - I would go solo, but before that happens I will farm with the help of the pool

It’s not about how much space you have, it has more to do with luck I guess. If you check the winners of space pool, you’ll see that half of them or more have less than 50TiB of plots and they win… they were lucky to win and they are effectively giving away their luck for a steady income which is usually a very small percent + 0.25XCH obviously. Less than what they’d get on their own but yes, the unlucky people among them who would never win if it wasn’t for pools get to win too. So, if you consider yourself unlucky… then you should probably join a pool otherwise believe in yourself and just be patient

yeah, but again we don’t need to forget that it’s all about luck, so you can be very lucky and catch plenty of blocks in solo, but at the same time you can be highly unlucky and just get nothing for months