(SOLVED) How much RAM do you need for upcoming GPU plotters


do you still need 128gb RAM disk at least or since the whole calulation on GPU now ram size is pretty irrelevant?



I’m sure someone will make some charts with that information when available…

what charts? do we need memory or not?

Yes to GPU plot you need 128 min

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i see alrighty then shpank you :call_me_hand:

how about using multiple gpus from eth rig?

Max hasn’t added in multi gpu support yet I think. That being said its like 2 minutes plotting with a 3060 so thats already pretty fast.

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how about a 1660super or 2060?

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I think they will be supported but can’t say 100%.

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GPU plotting is the update we’re waiting for! Great question regarding RAM, i’ll post data when I start doing it. It doesn’t seem like bigger GPUs will be worth it, unless they have greater memory bandwidth.

so is 5900x with 128GB and 3060Ti going to be a good option if I have that hardware available? I have some SSDs for it as well.

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Basically a B+ which means yes its good.

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Thanks. is that B+ grade your ranking or you took it from some “source” ?I am asking as I would like to compare different setups and where to aim.

It is off the top of my head.

As Flexpool and NoSSD are the only pools with compressed plots and I read everything Max posts I know a bit.

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I see. I read as well. Now I am a little bit more clever. I will buy Z420 and 256GB DDR3 ram for cheap and sell 5900X with profit :slight_smile: do you know what compute power is needed for level 6 “compression” while farmin? is 2640v3 enough?

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No I don’t but I’d assume you need a gpu over level 4 if your farming in the pib’s. Max stated that over 3 farming with a cpu is impractical for whales.

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I am not a whale … I am a little above 0.5PiB, I do not thin I will ever scale beyond 1PIB

I’d also be interested to know, would a 3900x or even a 3500x be enough for farming around 200 to 300 TB of level 4 or 5 compressed plots