Some Random NFT's have appeared in my wallet


I’ve never been into NFT’s on any platform, but today I noticed some NFT’s have appeared in my Chia wallet. No idea how they got to be there or how long they have been there. No idea even if they are real or just previews of some kind, I’ve just never looked at NFT’s at all.

Clues ?


Ppl send out randon free stuff, chia did with the holiday token to certain ppl.
Ch21 was the chia issued one iirc.


Yes, I heard about the CH21 token and have those too.

These other NFT’s that appeared are ‘The Starry Night’ (91 of 500) by Vincent van Gogh and ‘Woman with a Parasol’ (289 of 350) by Claude Monet.

My initial reaction was ‘ooo these might be worth something…’ but doesn’t look like it… :laughing:


Praise the stars for burn addresses or other black holes we can toss them into lol. It’s only going to get worse folks - we’ve enjoyed a few years of spam texts on our cellphones, next we’ll hear about our extended car warranties on the blockchain :face_vomiting:

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The thing that really grinds my gears, is the ETH based NFT spam that I sometimes get that specifically has solidity code in it that prevents you from transferring them out of your wallet. -_-

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Its a common problem. Not sure how this will be addressed/resolved in the future … probably by cost/fees in the long run but who knows. As long as people could only sent coins nobody had a problem :slight_smile:

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Well, the dust storms were, so much so they are now filtered out by default.

I guess if ppl used whole coins no one would mind.

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Why you think they get filtered out by default. I was pretty sure they aren’t filtered out. Gene and bram stated they wouldn’t do that … or have I missing something

Soneone here told me so when i was discussing filing taxes.
As in the UK you need to declare even dust income, and they were saying id need to alter my .yaml so they werent filtered out.

See here.

abandon ship!

get out now!

Yeah, I remember that chat. The spam filter

Dust filtering

This is a new feature for end users that enables a wallet sync to ignore dust when calculating wallet balances. This benefits dusted wallets by further improving wallet sync speed through trusted or untrusted sync. After the first 200 transactions, the wallet will ignore coins below the dust size of 1 million mojos. Both the dust size threshold and the number of transactions are configurable in config.yaml. When dust is filtered the coin values do not show up in any transaction list and will also result in balances…blah blah blah

Note that the filter is not applied for CATs or NFTs.

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