Some unanswered questions about plotting and farming chia

Hey guys!
I have some questions that I couldn’t find a proper answer

  1. is chia really profitable? I don’t know about your positions but in my country, I calculated the cost of farming systems and HDDs it’s about 9000$ for farming about 40tib plots, but according to the chia calculator the results are so disappointing, just 341$ for 6 months!! that’s really …

  2. in my opinion, the best way to get more chance to win is to buy plots and invest money on increasing the space and plots count instead of buying high-performance system to plotting, so there is a problem with this matter, I fear the plotter may cheat and sell the same plots to everyone and take down the chance to win is there any way to avoid this?

  3. is there any pool that really works without asking for the private key or any other high-risk demands?

1 who knows? 9000$ for only 40TiB is really high though. I live in Holland (which is stupendously expensive) my plotter cost 1500 and the rest is all hdd’s. hdd’s cost was around 22 euro per TB

  1. Buying plots is much more expensive than plotting yourself, many asking like 2$ or more per plot. 1500$ should buy you a system that can do 30 or maybe 40 plots/day. That will fills up a 12TB hdd in three days.

  2. Not really, should be coming “soon” though.

Hey Voodoo! Can you give the specs on your $1500 30 plot/day system?

I obviously over-spent, lol!

just ribbin ya!

9k is for the whole system, the Computer, HDDs, and plots for 40tib

Chia farming is not profitable at this time.

If you spend a little cash you stand little chance of anything but a small trickle of pool income. If you spend a lot of cash, effort, and research time your best hope is an ROI of one or two years. When you factor in that you have to continue buying storage as fast as you can fill it, ROI goes even further away.

Chia farming might become profitable but you pretty much have to start now and it’s a long shot bet, not an investment.

If you do become a farmer, I would also be very concerned about buying plots as they may be sold repeatedly and cost too much to begin with. If you farm, plot yourself and plot to your own HDDs.

10 K32s fill just over one Tib. The faster you plot, the faster you fill, the more storage you need.

Once official Chia pool is running, farming a few hundred plots is not unreasonable but if you are hoping to actually turn a profit you have to get into the 1000s of plots and pretty much never stop plotting.

Keeping your plot growth curve ahead of the total Chia plotted curve is essential if you hope to eventually make a profit. For reference, last WEEK the total network grew by 30%.

Last note, I only plot K-33s, but that is another discussion.

|1|Seasonic Focus PX-550|€ 75,00|
|1|Cooler Master Case - N300|€ 56,00|
|1|ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4S|€ 147,00|
|2|PNY XLR8 geheugenmodule 32 GB DDR4 3200|€ 338,00|
|1|AMD Ryzen 9 3900X|€ 439,00|
|3|WD Black sn750| € 450,00 |
|1|Notua U12A| € 106,00 |
|1|Arctic p12 120mm fan| € 6,69 |

Ok so total 1617 Euro :innocent: but that is including a 100 euro cooler that I only have to quiet the system down, stock also worked but with too much noise. Euro/usd is about 1.2, but we also have 21% vat so that usually balances out with the US prices

Yes I know, but let’s say you spend 2000 on a plotter, then that means you can spend 7000 on hdd’s.
That should be like 250-300 TB of hdd space. But I guess you have a much bigger plotting rig than me

Nicely done! I went with a quick and easy refurbished optiplex with 32GB RAM and a 512GBSSD as home for windows 10 $650CAD then added a 2TB Evo Plus NVMe $450 as my plotting drive and a 2TB SSD I had already as secondary plotting $200. 2x4 bay USB 3.0 drive arrays $400. 8x8TB drive $1600.

It reliably plots 3 K33s every 17.5 hours (4 K-33s a day :smiley:) and will have my storage filled in less than two months.

So around $3500 CAD for plotter and 64TB of drives which will hold exactly 256 K33s. It was always my plan that if the economics work I would buy more storage and keep plotting but I am having my doubts, lol!

Question for u/ Why are u plotting oversized K33 plots? It not needed & less chances to win with those HDs isn’t it?

K33s are 2x the size, and have a 2x chance of winning. So therefore as effective as K32s. Potentially more space efficient when combined with K32s too so you fill up as much of your HDD as possible.

We have had this conversation in Chia Plotting: Is there any advantage in plotting k33, k34, k35?

The thread got pretty long so I will summarize.

Basically, a K33 is twice as valuable as a K32, may have more long term viability and, contrary to popular belief, plotting three parallel K33s takes less time and is easier on the computer than 6 parallel K32s.

K33s are slightly more than two times larger than two K32s. I can fit 32 K33s on an 8TB drive with room left for a K32. I could fit 66 K32s by themselves, so I am only losing one K32 per 8TB HDD. Of course with different drive sizes you have to make this calculation individually.

If I could, I would plot K35s. There is a possibility that we may jump straight to K35 when K32s become useless. 4 K35s fit nicely on a 10TB HDD. I would be plotting K34s now if they did not fit so badly onto my 8TB drives. Even trying to plot 2 parallel K34s would choke my machine anywaze, lolz!

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Thanks, never got the idea behind k33s before. And u say it’s faster than k32? I might try that when and if I buy more HDs, perhaps as others jump tractor and liquidate.

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As far as I know, a plotter needs the public keys of the farmer. I assume that when buying a plot, the process would be to provide them your public keys (safe and unforgable) and they will plot a new one for you. Only the owner of the private keys for that plot will be able to farm, so the plot they created for you will be worthless to anyone else.

This is correct. The plotter needs the public keys, only the farmer needs the private keys. In fact the harvester needs no keys at all.

Hmm, I can fit 72 K32s on all my 8 TB Toshiba N300.
I’m using mkfs.ext4 -m 0 -T largefile4 /dev/sdX1 to format the hdds.

Yeah just checked. The 8TB (7.27TB available) fits 35 K33s with room for one K32 (142 GB left).

I could probably fit 72 K32s as well, so I am still short 1 K32/8TB HDD by choosing to plot K33s if I do place a K32 in the space I have left.

ive read (i think by you lol) that theres a possibikity k33 will get skipped. if thats the case then 1. will the k33 plots still be compatible at all? and 2. is there a current scenario to start doing k35 now?

That was info relayed to me by another. Apparently the K32 problem comes when computers are able to plot a K32 too fast. Detail fuzzy beyond that.
Anywaze, when that time comes, they may decide that K35s are easy enough to produce so why not move straight to them and avoid fixing the problem repeatedly.
This may or may not happen. K32s disappearing will happen for sure. So my bet is better placed with the K33 which may last longer, even if not sure.
Yes, you can plot K35s right now if your plotting drive is large enough and your CPU can presently handle 8 K32s parallel. You should produce 1 K35 in less than the time that you can plot 8 K32s and 4 of them fit reasonably on a 10TB HDD.
Please let me know the results if you try! :grinning:

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i use madmax currently. would there be any benefit to doing it with madmax? and most if my drives so far are 8tb

No idea, never used it.

8TB HDDs horrible for anything bigger than K33s. :thinking: but can always fill up space with smaller Ks.