Some unanswered questions about plotting and farming chia

You sure about that?
is there any reference about this public key requirement for plotting?

Used Ryzen 9 3900X, £260
Used MB (Asus V450 Aorus Pro) - £65
32GB Ram £155
Existing Case/Fans £0
PSU 750w - £35
2xSabrent Rocket 1TB - £75-80 each
Capacity 8 in parallel, 6-7h each - 29-32/day

Simple upgrade path +1 more, 1 TB Sabrent +PERHAPS 16GB RAM (though probably 12 parallel would have been possible by squeezing RAM use)
(I had loads of CPU headroom)

I have loads of 3TB disks - trouble is 40-50GB spare space on end of each disk

I also have a decent sized media and data collection which i can squeeze into that gap on each disk easily - i use mergerfs on Linux so the spare space is usable - it looks like one huge volume with 96 disk/50GB available each - so 5TB of space usable for other purposes

Alternatively, when i start replotting for pools i might look for a mix of K32, K35 to fill those corners

Look at Farming on many machines · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub, also referenced at Good Security Practices on Many Machines · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub.

I’ve used chia plots create -f farmer_key -p pool_key on my plotter, passing it my farmer’s public keys (from chia keys show if I’m not mistaken), and the resulting plots checked fine on the farmer.